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Habjan celebrates Burg debut as director of "


The Graz doll doll Nikolaus Habjan staged for the first time. On Thursday, his version of Werner Schwab's "folk fellowship" in the Academietheater Premiere.

09.42, November 27, 2018

Reduction of people or my liver is meaningless | Werner Schwab | Academietheater
Nicolaus Habjan plays for the first time with dolls © (c) Georg Soulek / Burgtheater

Heuer would have been in February Werner Schwab, Enfant terrible of the 1990's Grazer Literature Scene celebrated his 60th birthday. The Burgtheater honors the author who died on the New Year's Day in 1994, with a special staging of his piece of "folk annihilation or my liver is meaningless", which Schwab helped in the Munich Chamber play breakthrough in 1991.

Nicolaus Habjan will give his home debut as a director at the premiere of Thursday at the Academietheater. On the stage of Jakob Brossmann lead Habjan and Manuela Linshalm the doll of the crippled Herrmann Wurm through the healing house that has become hell, they stand to their side Dorothee Hartinger as his mother, Barbara Petritsch as wife Grollfeuer as well as Sarah Viktoria Frick and Alexandra Henkel in double roles.

Mother and son are hiding in a poor hole where they have gone through their life's dirt. And so, the artist who was called by the artist, who was severely abused in his childhood, fascinates his mother's murderous descent. Her neighbors are Mr. Kovacic, "for two generations of native German Austrians", with a wife and a daughter, whose family idyll is made out of "new gray-haired furnishings", eggplant, and the patronage of his daughters, as stated in the announcement text of the castle theater. Together they come to the birthday party of Mrs. Grollfeuer, where the "disengagement of folk" unfolds powerful language.

The Burgtheater summarizes: "Schwabs' Failure Dramas", which include his "Radical Comedy" folk degradation, are ugly portraits of ugly people who claim themselves in a hatred of hatred, violence, negligence and communion by the language they produce language, they are 'themselves'. "

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