Wednesday , April 21 2021

Fivers kept their chances of winning with a win against Skopje

In their last home game of the group stage of the European League, the Fivers Margarets retained their chance at the last sixteen with an out-of-the-way win. De Weenen defeated a weakened HC Metalurg Skopje by 45:30 (22:13) on Tuesday and can repair the promotion with a victory on Tuesday at the French club Fenix ​​Toulouse and Schützenhilfe von Skopje as the Russian club Medvedi Chekhov.

De Weenen were in the lead from the start and led for the first time in the 24th minute with ten goals. Less than eight points did not melt the lead away even in a small phase of weakness in the second section. The game was very different from the 33:33 in the first direct game with the North Macedonians. With the 45 goals, the Fivers set a new goal in the European League.

“I am proud of my team. You have to say that the opponent was weakened, so the result was correspondingly high. But I think the result is good. We had the game under control from the first minute and were able to continue with our game until halftime, ”Fivers coach Peter Eckl concluded.

Help needed for the climb

As a reward, they managed to jump to fourth place in the Table A group, as Toulouse Chekhov will only meet at home on Wednesday. The French, with whom the Fivers are vying for a place in the round of 16, have a total of four games left – twice against Chekhov, once against Skopje and the game against Vienna. If the French lose at least one game and the Fivers win in Toulouse, the Austrian club is in the round of 16.

“Of course we are hoping for a final against Toulouse next week. If we get the chance to advance to the round of 16, we will of course take it, “said six-time goal scorer Lukas Hutecek.

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