Monday , January 25 2021

Final Fantasy XIII looks brilliant with 4K on Xbox One X

The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is now available as part of a program compatible with the previous version of Xbox One.

Supported in one 4K resolution. Xbox One X And it looks really nice. Emulation work Microsoft, On the original Xbox 360The game can really let go! In a real sense this RemasterBut other developers are demanding a lot of money.

Here's a screenshot showing the differences (via Reddit):

Left: Xbox One X – Right: Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII It was regarded as one of the "most beautiful games" after it came on the market in 2010. Xbox 360,

Best Buy:
Final Fantasy 13 from Order: EUR 18,22

Final Fantasy XIIITrilogy Xbox one and Xbox One X Compatible with earlier versions. Final Fantasy However, there remains a series of games that are particularly strong on the PlayStation platform. The problem is: Whether all five Final Fantasy gamers on Xbox One X can find it.

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