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FC Bayern AGM 2018 today in live ticker: Kovac is not there

Today the 2018 annual General Meeting of FC Bayern Munich begins in Audi Dome – but without Niko Kovac. We report in & # 39; Live Ticker this year & # 39; s JHV.

  • On Friday, November 30, the annual general meeting 2018 of FC Bayern in the Audi Dome of 19.00 comes.
  • Are one of the protests today against the Bavarian ruler? Media report evil on the basis of & # 39; the club.
  • Accessibility is only available to members for more than 18 years and only on presentation of the valid membership card and identity card. These must also be a member since 01.01.2018 member of FC Bayern.
  • In total there are eight points on the agenda for the 2018 General Meeting, including the report of # 39; the chairman and the report of the board of FC Bayern München AG.
  • What should the Beierske boss announce? Perhaps Oliver Kahn's contribution to Bayern?

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20:02: As you say about the new multifunctional seal, it will be built in the Olympic Park. Here are the basketball players of FC Bayern Munich and EHC Red Bull Munich together to play their home games. The special thing: It's not Red Bull, but the software company SAP is the name of the arena.

19:53: Uli Hoeneß is now off. At the beginning are a few songs: The FC Bayern has 291,000 club players. That makes him the strongest sports club in the world.

19.52 clock: Mennekes ends his speech thanks to all department stores in Bavaria. Uli Hoeness returns to the office, thanks again and asks for a minute silence for the honorary members of FC Bayern, died last year: Richard Ortner, Walter Rieder, Joseph Starflinger, Paul Mehringer, Josef Huber, Dit Schumann, Otto Königer, Hans-Georg Jablonsky, Peter Czogalla and Manfred Rögelein.

19.40 clock: Mennekes says FC Bayern's Chess Division. Of individual attendees heard a fishing crowd: "FC Bayern Schach oho".

19:35: Mennekes reacts perfectly to the previous dry reading of his predecessor and brings to the attention of Audi Dome: "There are 13 team league teams dreaming of our table space, and there are more every week."

19:33: And there, the Vice-President Prof. dr. Mayer and goes back to "presenter" Uli Hoeneß. No follows the second vice president Walter Mennekes. The beginning of his speech shifts the power value: "I know the one, you know, your second presidency." The people laugh and applaud.

19:29: Mayer is particularly proud of the development of the basketball club of FC Bayern. The team is the ruling champion and winner of the DBB Beker.

19:20: Prof. Dr. Mayer describes the activities in and around FC Bayern. According to Uli Hoeneß, the Junior Performance Center is the answer to #Nymar transfers in & # 39; the world. No follows a short film, the people will have to give an impression of the setting.

Bayern JHV: Brazzo and Kovac did not attend the meeting

19.08: Vice-President Prof. dr. Dieter Mayer now reports on the financial results of the year 2018. He justifies the Junior Performance Center as a very good investment in FC Bayern. But if a top player comes out, all investments are back in.

19:04: The critical sports director Hasan Salihamidžić is now more than Niko Kovac at the JHV today. Brazzo is already on the morning of the Bundesliga match of Bavaria with the team in Bremen. When Hoeness Brazzo looks out of the distance, it's laughing in 'Audi Dome. How to respond: look very much in the people.

19.59 clock: And immediately it starts! Chairman Uli Hoeneß opens the Annual General Meeting 2018. Of course, he understood all presenters and lists the special guests. In particular, Hoeness practitioner, Karl Hopfner receives a lot of applause. Both Bayern players Corentin Tolisso and Alphonso Davies.

18:46: Not everyone is satisfied with President Uli Hoeneß in Audi Dome. In a North Korean flag writes a "Not my chairman," or our local reporter reports.

17:59: Even for the general meeting, a Bavarian president Uli Hoeneß expects. Markus Müller (38) is a member of the Beierske Association since 2009 and has already spoken on the annual general meeting of 2017 on the stage. how Reported, he was unable to run this year this year. That's why The speech is published.

Müller expects himself to be high, reaching out to different points. Too many employees were the club since 2016 of Hoeness removing (Matthias Sammer, Michael Reschke and Dr. Volker Braun), – Philipp Lahm was not employed as sports director. The employment of Hasan "Brazzo" Salihamidžić has so far not sufficiently prevented. Müller describes himself as "another patch on the back" switching the Hoeneß.

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Further, Müller's president Uli Hoeness advises to get worse. "Two years ago, you stood on the stage and asked for a second chance," writes Müller. For an outsider Hoeneß only the club more than he used. Especially after Hyster's past, "a little more humility" would suit him well.

Müller also demanded the deployment of Niko Kovac, after months of speculation in Thomas Tuchel's media as a new Bayern coach. The constant course of Jupp Heynckes and especially that Hoeness Heynckes wants outside the summer of 2018 as coach, Müller stormed. Heynckes has already said in his inaugural address that he gave Bayern a summer service a summer service. At one of his speeches, Müller address Hoeness has a clear question: "Mr. Hoeneß, you yourself and the club a favor. Do not join in 2019. Make space for fresh blood with new updates."

+++ 13:53 clock: Bayern coach Nico Kovac and the team will not be in the Audi Dome at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern. For: Coaches and players are already on Friday evening in the team hotel in Bremen. Thursday play Bayern 15:30 in the Weserstadion against Werder Bremen.

For Bayern is the absence of the coach and the player a favor. So tonight in Audi Dome there will be no point to Kovac and his team.

2018 Annual General Meeting of FC Bayern: Media See Leadership Prospects

+++ 13.34: For the annual general meeting of FC Bavaria media, it is possible that this evening in # an Audi Dome comes from protests. The tz writes: "Before the annual general meeting on Friday, there are many anti-Hahn voices of ranks never likely to occur. Especially in social media is a tendency to recognize: The fans criticize the action and actions of FC Bavaria patron Uli Hoeneß sharp, so on Friday there is a Hoeness rebellion in 'Audi Dome' or can the polarizing FCB boss be re-celebrated with jubilant arias? 'According to Tz, the honorary regulation of & # 39; Bavaria-Legend Paul Breitner recently an incomprehension of # 39; the fans cause. In the Champions League match against Benfica Lisboa Breitner was celebrated by the south curve with sang.

The photo also holds protests against President Uli Hoeness as possible: "At international fans, it is written." After studying Paul Breitner (67) from the VIP stand, E-mail Selected, In addition, some members think of critical speech. "

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker from the Annual General Meeting of FC Bayern in the Audi Dome! We report the full Friday evening of JHV, with us no need! The event starts at 19:00. We are curious what the club wants to announce next to another sales note. In recent years, the JHV's of FC Bayern is always good for surprises or notorious events.

One year ago, the highlight was the presentation of the rear stadium with red seats. We also think of the plans for the hall and the release of Uli Hoeneß as president in 2016 after his service. Or the famous edition of Hoeness 2007, when he repeatedly responded to critics regarding the vote in the Allianz Arena.

2018 Annual Meeting of FC Bayern: This is on agenda

We see the agenda of FC Bayern 2018 AGM.

  1. Report from President
  2. Responsible report from Vice-Presidents
  3. Report of audit report on annual accounts
  4. Decision of the Presidium
  5. Science of the government business for the annual accounts
  6. Confirmation of appointment of two members of # 39; eighteen
  7. Report of the board of FC Bayern München AG
  8. miscellaneous

Annual General Meeting 2018 by FC Bayern: Sports Skills as Explosive in the JHV

The sporting situation in Bavaria's professional footballers is something that is pink, like cleverness even the 5: 1 of Tuesday in & # 39; The Champions League against Benfica Lisbon and the transfer in the second round. In the Bundesliga is the record championship currently only fifty, nine points behind the Borussia Dortmund leaders and has four home games waiting for a win (three characters, one wound).

The members expect answers, also referring to the critical coach Niko Kovac and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. Generally speaking, it is the last item in Agenda (Miscellaneous), the # 39 also the councilors of # The members contain, some more emotional.

Niko Kovac (l.) And Hasan Salihamidzic (r.) Are pleased about the win against Benfica Lisbon, and assistant Robert Kovac (foreclosure).

© sampics / Stefan Matzke / Stefan Matzke

2018 General Meeting of FC Bayern: News from Oliver Kahn?

The question of how the bosses will be commented on their own future comment is also exciting. The president Uli Hoeness had already known that he would return in the future – "it's a bit better," he said. The director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge still has a contract until 2019, but this should be expanded (if it was Hoeness). And then? There are calls for a return from Oliver Kahn to Bavaria. It's as easy as Titans' name falls within the 2018 annual General Meeting of FC Bayern.

We will keep you up-to-date and report the full Friday afternoon of & # 39; and FC Bayern Bayern AG here in the live ticker.


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