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Fastest movie todd at Game of Thrones after 11 seconds

Incapacity, Poison, Fire service: In the Culture series "Game of Thrones" have poor men at low levels

Survival opportunities. In addition, prominently educated characters have a high death rate. This has resulted in an analysis of 330 characters from the first seven seasons presenting experts in a journal journal of injuries (Injury Epidemiology).

Who wants to take part in the next season, which actors should be very careful, should also pay close attention to their behavior: People who never change their allies have, in the fantasy series, an increased risk for the


Complex story, sex and violence

At the world's most prominent TV show, the series released nine new Emmy trophies this year: the best drama and in many sub-categories such as make-up and special effects. "Game of Thrones" ("GoT") entertains millions of fans with a fairly complex story and a close prize sex – and even violence.

"At the end of the seventh season, over half of all characters died – 186 out of 330," said the chief author

Reidar Lystad from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at the Macquarie University Sydney. The most common cause of death is to have a great deal of violence. The shortest survival time on the screens was eleven seconds.

Also, fire-dragging dragons and an ice-cold zombie army mix in the serial world that is centered on the Middle Ages. Several family tribes fight for the "Iron Throne" of the continent Westeros – a dangerous place. There are 80 percent of all Deaths instead, as the experts evaluated further.

74 percent die in injuries

The causes of death were also quoted by the researchers: Almost 74 percent died of their injuries, especially head and neck – 13 Stunts included. And how many characters have died of a natural death? It's just two: the ragged Maester Aemon and the Old Nan because of age's weakness.

The study might be able to find out who will probably be in the eighth and final season, hoping Lystad. The US TV station

HBO shows the final season from next April. Usually, the new episodes are also immediately after the US launch Germany to see.

The biggest battle of TV history

To conclude, the US magazine "Entertainment Weekly" claims to come to the biggest battle of television history. The fight against an army of untote was over weeks in the north Belfast have been rotated. That looks for a lot of work for a new study.

The worldwide hype around the saga is quite understandable from the point of view of science. "The crack point is an inner tension between stubborn realism and fantasy," said Cultural Theorie Professor

Jan Söffner from the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance. In contrast to traditional fantasy, "Game of Thrones" actually does not mean anything else than you think.

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