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"Farmer is looking for wife" 2018: revolution between peasants


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If a farmer is looking for a wife, he does not follow the rules exactly. Finding the content, I found farmer rule for myself in "Farmer Seeks a Wife" episode 5. This is interesting because it is only one farmer, but no one can accommodate it. For things like actions, RTL is always enough.

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"Between a violent crisis and a heartfelt kiss, everything is possible today," explains Inka Bause in her new entrepreneurial serenade. Okay, it looks like it's cliche, but this time it will be a good home.

What is possible is seen by Bauer Dirk in Sauerland. Dirk breakfasts for his overnight guest, Lena. And it obviously makes him angry and burns toast.

"I was so excited that I had a wife for a long time and had breakfast with me and made a banquet instead of briquettes," explains the farmer's thought and wonder as a spectator. ,

Finally, is the entire production team in the kitchen sitting there watching the toaster until the piece is black? If so, is there something like story?

picnic? no.

While breakfast is too easy, Dirk shows serious discipline. As for the romance, the farmer does not know any negligence.

A love-loving farmer shows how to cut his claws with his Lena on a romantic trip to the sheepfold for the first time. So sheep.

But Dirk follows a pedagogical approach from humor and contempt. "Farming does not always drive the tractor, it's not always going straight to the grass, blanketing and drinking piccolo." Yes, the farmer does not have a picnic, but how does Lena need to know that?

Andreas, Bernhard or Christian: Who is the new candidate for "Bauer sucht Frau"? Here is a small overview.

Farmer Stephan of Bavarian Swabia also did not know the law of the iron farmer. He plays romantically once with his Steffi and the rope. Stephan is in fact familiar with legal texts, such as the field of budget law.

When Steffi helps her mother cook, the second paragraph of Bavarian Farmers' Law, 78b, quotes Stephan's article as follows: "Normally, my mother cooks or throws a house, just as it is in the farmhouse.

Heart salami revolt

But Stephan is not the only farmer to whistle on the strict standards of the international agricultural community. There is also resistance from Bauer Bernhardt.

At the end of the farm week, Bernhard not only kidnapped his Annett for a picnic, but rebel farmers also spread a small piece of heart salami.

A clear violation of mother's cooking rules. There is confusion in the air. Annett is very attractive. "Standing in the kitchen and asking for bread – I think it means something to him." Yes, the fighter Bernhard who resisted this moment was never sexy.

And as if this time everyone was crazy, the farmer Christian prepares a little picnic for Daniel. And farmer's love pushes it more seriously.

Romance refusenik Dirk actually made his face blush, but Christians dared to make another advance in the picnic.

"Thank you for the little kiss." Cristian tells Daniel about his wishes. This is a testament to the big accusation that there was a maker of milliseconds filled in the camera with the following kisses. That's right. You may be lucky.

Farmer Dirk shows the discipline again.

When the revolution happened on the farm, there was something completely different from the farmer Matthias.

That's where Tayana's twin sister, Jana arrived, and when he met his twin sister, the editor of the production company could imagine the tears of joy in his eyes. And he did not know the conversation this discovery would bring.

"My sister is the most important person in my life, and I think my friend should take me with her sister in a double pack." For example, Tayisia said she would like her hopes and RTL editors to ask a young lady. I do not want to think again.

However, because it works well with the full tween number, the following dialog is created in the broadcast. Jana talks about her sister's clothes and shopping behavior. "When Tayisia chooses longer clothes and darker colors, she creates a very different smile.

At this point we leave the word Sauerland's Bauer Dirk because there are too many linguistic qualifications. When Dirk visits the sheep with Lena, the buck shows off her need for love, and does not stop and jump over the sheep.

"The sheep and the bucks could sometimes step back, but they just had to be grills." When Lina was first with my sheep, I also stepped back, "explains Dirk, and we thank him. Most obviously, at least one in this episode proves discipline.

Since 2005, the RTL dome show for farmers has blinked across Germany's screens. These candidates are most memorable.

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