Friday , April 23 2021

Exchange Express – Vienna Stock Exchange (opening) – ATX well kept in the morning / weak European environment – tax economic concerns

The Vienna Stock Exchange is on a strange Tuesday Tuesday
well presented. The ATX was 2.964.20 at 9.45 o'clock
Points calculated to 2,961.22 units on Monday, that is one
Plus 2.98 points or 0.10 percent.

On the most important structure of Europe, on the other hand, were mediocre price losses
to look. Formerly concerned about the global economic development
at mood. Start from & # 39; a week it has been international
Monetary fund (IMF) forecast its growth forecast. For 2019
The IMF is only counting on a global GDP increase
3.5 per cent and by 2020 3.6 per cent. In October he still had
Provided 3.7% for both years.

In addition, new impulses must remain lasting for the time being. data side
The results of a German SEW study are at & # 39; e worklist. at the
Night street could be extra on the start of Wall Street
Movement in & amp; brand. The US Stock Exchange was closed yesterday
Monday was not sold in holidays.

In Vienna, Zumtobel has 2.18 percent to 7.98 euros
This has been at the top of the track. Wienerberger shares
ran after 1.51 percent to 20.12 euros. at the
Staring Monday, the bricks had made them known
Distribution for 2018 by about 70 percent to 50 center
to go up. For the year ahead, 30 cents plus 10
Pay special dividend.

The Vienna Airport shares increased by 1.14 percent
35.35 euros hired. Last year it is
The Airport Vienna Group has grown strongly. In Vienna it was the last
The day of the year 2018 provides the 27-millionth passenger, including
Tourist airports Kosice and Malta have the group 34.4 million
Sending Passengers. In 2019, it should still be 8 to 10 percent
to become more.

However, bank values ​​were found below losses.
Raiffeisen losses 1.05 percent to 23.67 euros, the Erste Group falls
by 0.90 percent to 29.73 euros and BAWAG fled by 0.58 percent
37.48 euros.

The ATX Prime was trading at 1,503.24, up to 0.11
Increased percentage or 1.59 points. The prime mark has 21
Titles with higher prizes, eleven with army and one uninhabited. in
There were no shares for four parts. Until 9.45 hours were
At the prime mark, a total of 301,746 (former day: 770.006) has divided
Simple market value with a market value of EUR 7.35 (20.31) million
(Double) traded.

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