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Dungungcamp 2019: Doreen Dietel holds her ex – that's what he says about the confession

Tears known in the jungle camp 2019: Doreen Dietel still loves her old-boyfriend Tobias Guttenberg. He now expresses himself to the television show.

January 22, 2019 Update: Bitter tears ran over the campsite when Doreen told Dietel about her failed relationship with Tobias Guttenberg told. For five years, the two are a couple, a son together. Then Tobías spoke.

"I wanted to keep the public's awareness," he said in an interview"Now she has brought this to the public. But we have a small son at home and for him, the rest and daily life is more important than any statement in a show." When asked if his wife touched his rolls, he said : "If they feel that way and feel that way that's good". It is understandable and an accessible story. But it's not coming out of blue, said Guttenberg. "It can't go over me – but these are all intimate stories that I don't want to make in & # 39; public."

Jungle Camp 2019: New opportunity for Doreen and ex-boyfriend Tobias Guttenberg?

Dietel is still in the RTL jungle camp and remains fighting for the crown. On day 11 it was decided between her and Gisele. How could it go between Dietel and Guttenberg after the time in the jungle? loud Be there before the time, if there is still a chance for the two. "What will be or not, we will decide among us," he says. "We will declare that after the broadcast. But this is about deeds and about our son."

Here you will find all news of day 12 in the live ticker.

Jungle Camp Confirmation: Doreen Dietel still keeps him

January 20, 2019 Update: Little disappointment for Doreen Dietel. Unfortunately, she did not receive a letter from the man you love. "Really I was hoping that Tobias also wrote a few lines." Everywhere there was no post from him. Doreen wants to take a coat to the jungle camp and take more care for her family. Is there a connection with Tobias Guttenberg possible?

Dschungelcamp 2019: Doreen Dietel loves all her ex-boyfriend Tobias Guttenberg

Another sneaking sce on the campfire in the jungle camp 2019. We already had Bastian Yotta, who had talked to her about suyside or Sibylke, unpacking the dark side of her porn series. On Friday night there was another crowded moment at the camp lamp. Doreen Dietel called bitter tears over her failed relationship with Tobias Guttenberg.

Doreen Dietel wrote in the jungle camp in 2016 with her ex-boyfriend Tobias Guttenberg.


However, this is not a relative of our former defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. However, only the last name sounds.

For five years, Doreen Dietel and Tobias Guttenberg were a few. The August tabloid newspaper tz *, which is always well-informed in Munich-famous circles, said: "She wants a love and no brother again – that is the door Doreen Dietel (43) has to make business with her friend Tobias Guttenberg (42). The two have been a couple since 2013, have a son, Marlow (4). "

Before jungle camp 2019: Doreen Dietel loves to cook

In November it was in & # 39; t TZ Read that Doreen Dietel, who had opened a last-minute cafe in the noble Tegernsee a cafe, has a summer with her cook: "Love is known to go through the stomach – even with Doreen Dietel ( 44) Three months after the love of old friend Tobias Guttenberg (42), the actress runs over a new man, and on the Internet they provided a nice picture, and they wrote: & # 39; , & # 39; and my cow can … also cook cakes; they also sold their chosen name: Michael Herrmann, 52, kitchen and kitchen probably the custody of Dietel & # 39; s restaurant Dürnbecker in Dürnbach at Gmund am Tegernsee. "

Doreen Dietel and Tobias Guttenberg in Munich 2017 in October 2017.

© Heinz Weissfuss

And further they wrote TZ at that time: "Now the beautiful actress is probably a new man. With little hearts and comments like & # 39; I'm in & # 39; the love & # 39; is called the mess wall. And Michael Herrmann also rides in & # The public on Instagram writes "love for life", "forever" and "in a relationship" under photo that he already puts in September. Unfortunately, there are no photos of both of them yet, but maybe they will soon show lovely snapshots!

Doreen Dietel holds relationship with Tobias Guttenberg in the jungle camp in 2019

New love, new happiness? Perhaps it was not, as the daring scenes proved in the jungle camp 2019. On the short love high Doreen Dietel probably followed the love.

Due to: On Friday she asks her failed relationship with Tobias Guttenberg. In tears, they spread with Leila Lowfire about how to destroy their relationship with their father's son, even though they are a great life with him.

Doreen Dietel (43) and her ex-boyfriend Tobias Guttenberg (42): The two were a few from 2013 to 2018, have a son, Marlow (4).

© Heinz Weissfuss

You see that on TV: Doreen Dietel and Leila Lowfire are waiting. Doreen talks about her losing love: "The crown is not important to me, because of a crown, but because of the recognition." So I think I'm not so bad, as people love me, it's just about love. And that's so great that I can't accept the Tobi, always love it and love me, it's just that assole-guy, I had something with you, big man, but here … "

Doreen Dietel and Tobias Guttenberg at the Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich.

© Jantz

Doreen Dietel suggested drinking services. So: Gluck, please! What does that mean? Wow, no idea! For legal reasons (shopping, shopping: explanation of explanation!) We will read it for you, love!

Doreen, however, complains to the jungle camp of their suffering: "I always encountered problems, and there I have the man by my side, this is not me, it works, honestly, beautiful and had together so & # 39; a total mind And me with my deceived life, that kind of thing does not fit together. "

Video: Doreen Dietel wants the jungle chronicle for son and playboy!

All TV broadcasters who came to the jungle in the 2012 boy were clearly at that point that Doreen Dietel did not overcome her ex Tobias Guttenberg. She said with tears, "I wanted the man so much he wanted a family, with a woman, with a child.

I wanted Tobi so much, he wanted a family, a woman with a child. And how & # 39; it's all about it, it's not in the picture book. I broke it for him. "

Doreen Dietel and Tobias Guttenberg beginning 2018.

© Thomas Plettenberg

Leila Lowfire, who is known to be a sex savior as a relationship expert, said: "Oh, nonsense."

Doreen said, "Yes, yes, he says that too."

Leila thought: "You can do nothing for your feelings."

But Doreen realized they might have been offended: "You can smash each other together, I say sometimes stupid things, his parents are also completely against me, I have a disaster …"

Leila Lowfire contains Doreen Dietel.


And Leila again completely sympathetic: "Even if you give your best, fuck it."

But that didn't really help Doreen Dietel: "For the last seven months I am responsible and forget my family, so if I could wish for something, I would turn around time, the day my baby was born. I would do everything else, I would not go to work and seek my children ill, and sex is not everything in life, it has me so much and this sport: every day, every day! Take a trip with me: & # 39; No, i still have to spin. & # 39;

And then it was clear that Doreen Dietel wants her old back to say: "I was so happy when I found him, I did not think why I do not love him anymore, he was so big."

She made it clear: "Tobi is the man of my children and the best person in any world."

When discovered in the jungle camp in 2019, Doreen Dietel leads from & # 39; s separation: "We have been closed since May. And since mid-December I have my old apartment. This, of course, has been a great snout. see that my soul is in pain! "

Doreen Dietel in the Jungle Camp 2019: She remembers Tobias Guttenberg

And then they asked openly in the wish for a new start with Tobias Guttenberg: "If I wanted something, then this: I come home with the crown, he hips me and says," Let it try again ""

To avoid any misunderstanding, Doreen Dietel thought: "Maybe I'd like Tobi to see what I just told. He sees that I still love him. And I have everything … that I realize I've built a ship. Giant big shit. "

In the jungle phone it once again made clear: "I love that, yes!"

Is there a story between Doreen Dietel and Tobias Guttenberg to the jungle camp 2019? You can be interesting …

Another familiarity with Doreen Dietel in the jungle camp

And then the spectators in the jungle camp 2019 became a different feature of Doreen Dietel: according to her, her son Marlow was not planning. On the camp lamp, she said Leila Lowfire, "September 26 – I learned that I'm heavy. I'm crazy. That was the least day in my life. It was so bad, really. I said," Tobias, see Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. "And he said one time: very slow, very slow."

When Doreen Dietel told her, she had considered an abortion at that time. The reason you spoke in the jungle phone: "I never thought of children. Because I had an age, it was not good and I was only five with Tobias only five." every month, "Tobias immediately said," I want the child, Doreen! "In the end she had" the best-of-all ". She thought: "Thank God that I do not abort!"

How & # 39; it's going to be the star of 9 days, you will learn here in the live ticker for the jungle camp.

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