Wednesday , May 12 2021

Duchesse Meghan in the picture crisis «

Joping well, are talking and soft care for a descendant. Check, control, and check. Formerly, Duchess Meghan has done everything right. But now the wind has expanded in the cover of # 39; British tabloids. Meghan Markle is currently no longer the toughest new woman on Prince Harry, the size of the deadly image of # 39; The British royal family must lie. Instead, she is painted as a career, pursuing her goals with all the means.

The reason was a message from the Kensington Palace: Prince Harry and his wife will not live in an apartment in the Kensington Palace next to Prince William and his wife Catherine and the three children, but move to the Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle .

The end of 'Fab Fjouwer'?

The British press had the consistency of "Fab Four" in London painted with the two brothers, the women and the boy so beautiful. Of course, the rudder bullet was sent, was there a rift in the family? And is in the end even the new in & # 39; the league to be blamed?

Also through the choice of the new neighborhood, one simply wants to lay down a parable of a woman with the Royals: Wallis Simpson. For the separated US (both meant for Meghan Markle), Prince Edward was traveled on the throne in 1936. The British monarch was then in crisis. The two have their last rest on the estate of Frogmore Cottage.

"Meghan Markle is a reckless actress who calls the social ladder and affirms the role of her life, decided to expand it all, and therefore the palace began to make it," writes British presenter Piers Morgan de "Deistich post".

Do they know each other?

Do they know each other?

Are the "Fab Four" not as good in the end? – (c) Imago / Landmark Media (Keith Mayhew / Landmark Media)

"What Meghan wants, Meghan gets"

In addition, it reports that the 37-year-old everything that needs to be social. Already the third employee was to stop after a short time. Including the personal assistant to the Duchess of Sussex, formerly working for Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda. "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets," is the motto to deal with the American duet. Prince Harry is told that they have all the employees and family members of the marriage.

In addition, one wants to know Palestinian insurers to increase the relationship between William and Harry. William should not be made with Harry's Choice, Prince Prince Harry naturally.

And the two Duchies would not understand each other as well. Representative Catherine is said to have a jersey press for the brown dress of her daughter Charlotte for the wedding over crying.

Of course, the negative heads lead to Kensington Palace. In contrast to expectations, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, will not celebrate Christmas celebration with her parents, but at Sandringham Castle with Harry, Meghan, the Queen and Prince Charles.


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