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Dortmund – Bayern: The fans fled because the sky was DAS! – BVB



Dortmund – Bayern: Fans are racing because midway through the match Sky builds it! "Are you out of your mind?"

On 11.11.2018, 07:14 on the clock

Dortmund is racing fans against Bayern in the sky.

Dortmund is racing fans against Bayern in the sky.

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Dortmund. All football Germany is watching the Ruhr area in the evening. Because at id park Dortmund Bavaria The Bundesliga's best absolute game.

With 80,000 spectators watching the game on the stands, millions of fans adhere to the screen. "Heaven" must be happy about a good audience. However, in the midst of a BVB perspective, a pay-per-view channel does not have much understanding between audiences.

Dortmund – Bavaria: sky Show ads in the middle of the game.

Nikolai Kovac of Bayern used a stop on behalf of Niklas Süle on behalf of Mats Hummels to stop advertising for Sky.

BVB fans send a clear message to Munich with this huge banner. +++

For 20 seconds Dortmund and Bavaria Thus, without following the court case, Bayern had to endure his ad.

The fans are going crazy.

Soccer fans on Twitter were completely rested because of the unfamiliar rest. "Replace? 20 seconds during game time.

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Some did not trust this pay-TV commercialization measure and wondered if it was a supervisor. "Is this ad serious in the middle of a game or a mistake? If it is seriously meaningful, I am really smiling."

Apparently, a special commerce produced even a small relationship crisis. So I uploaded the user on Twitter. "By the way, thanks to the sky. Thanks to your godly publicity, I have a problem with my girlfriend because she cried to her why she switched in the middle of the game."

Especially fans Borussia Dortmund During the game you will be angry at the sky advertisement. For years, they fought against football commercialization mobilized against RB Leipzig and Dietmar Hopp, a supporter of TSG Hoffenheim.

Dortmund – Bayern: The sky apologizes for the advertising discontinuation.

Eventually they will be delighted with the results of Dortmund's mad game. You can read the game history from the live ticker. >>>

The final Whistle Hush Sky applauded Topsiel for stopping commercials. "Dear soccer fan. BVBFCB Due to technical oversight, this game has been paused with commercials. This is unintentional and we want to apologize to you in all fair ways. "

Broadcaster also apologized for the previously disputed relationship dispute. "We sincerely hope you have reconciled, and we want to apologize to all soccer fans again."

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