Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Do not want to be prevented from"

The Austrian inception day Every year, doctors and pharmacies have to provide the most up-to-date information on vaccination. This includes removing misinformation. "For example, there is myththat one in & # 39; e trouble should not fax. This is totally unrelated to, for example, grab and pertussis bowel movements (pertussis; It is also necessary to consider breastfeeding – to protect the mother ", the expert thought influenza infections in trouble For example, they may be particularly strong, the effect of the unborn child.

New strategies should focus on young people in the case of inaction. "Tinsters often do not want to go to the children," said the fax insolvent. But they also do not feel "at home" in adult medicine and can pass through without appropriate intervention. "It would be the case of young people faxing Especially important against HPV (necklace, etc.) or against menopausal infections. Tinsters themselves want to be faxing be determined when an overview of us has published. They no longer want to send by their parents. But faxing should be & # 39; as cold as a feganeat & # 39 ;. "

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