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Dead sugling: vomiting the mother from the U-adhesive

Dead sugling: vomiting the mother from the U-adhesive

WEIKENDORF. Against the 18-year-old school breaker, however, it is further investigated because of murderous deeds.

Dead baby: dismiss the mother from the U-adhesive

In this bush, the corpse was discovered on Thursday. Picture: APA

After the death of a dead baby in Weikendorf (Low Kingdom), Mother was set free on Fu Sunday. The prosecutor's office Korneuburg had filed the U-accusation. The judge, however, found no grounds for adhesion, the lawyer of the 18-year-old, Wolfgang Blaschitz.

Against the young woman, she was diagnosed with murder. She states that she has not known anything about pregnancy. The 18-year-old had brought the baby to the parent home on November 7, afternoon, Blaschitz reported after Sunday's two-day approval. Her parents and their friends will have nothing to do with it. Your environment should be noted that she had increased.

The school officer had been "fully called" with the birth situation, said Blaschitz. The 18-year-old had no signs of life at the Sugling, according to her details. She does not have any power against the child, but also does not set a viable measure. After that she buried the child.

> Video: Mother of the dead baby back on free foot

The dead baby was discovered last Thursday by a congregation leader in a bunch. According to the obduction result, the mental sugling has been viable.

Her attorney observes the fact that the young woman was not eligible for childbirth.

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