Saturday , December 4 2021

Dax points back to the weekend TIME ONLINE


Frankfurt / Main (AP) – De Dax has stabilized slightly after its renewed downturn. The German leading index was 0.43 percent higher at 11,185.86 points in start-up trading on Friday.

The index of mediocre companies MDax earned from 0.08 percent to 23.117.77 points. The leader of the Eurozone index EuroStoxx 50 was again sharp.

Meanwhile, Dax remains counted. In a weekly view, the barometer is currently presenting a minus of more than 1 percent. After his sleep on Tuesday to almost 11,000 points, and thus to its lowest level since December 2016, the midweek recreation struggle was for a storm trip.

In the United States, after the Thanksgiving stay closed the limited markets, this Friday was a brief trade. The day is known as "Black Death" and is particularly important for the Christmas industry company in the US. Consumers are trained in large-scale stores. For many people, the "Black Friday" association for a long weekend, the facilities are relatively quiet.

Gea has particular attention in this country. After a few networks, the machine manufacturer still expect more problems in the coming year. Against the backdrop of repeated enthusiasm, stocks dropped to MDax by just under 12 percent. Gea does not usually interact with his conversation, criticizing the analyzes of Citigroup. Things should be less decentralized, comparable to other European manufacturers.

In # Dax remained the share of & # 39; the steel and industrial group ThyssenKrupp on a recreation and stood by almost 2 percent. The shares of Lufthansa were just 1 percent. They benefit from further oil prices and thus from the perspective of falling kerosene cost. Oil prices are under pressure, including due to continuous growing things.

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