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Courageous Experiment: This happens if you do not have a shower for a year

Anyone who does not swag a day can make the shower even fail. What happens if you do not even wash yourself a whole year?

Have you not been showering for more than three days? In the campsite or during a festival maybe. What reactions of your body could you watch – apart from having probably not smoked any more freshly?

Some health guards are swearing on the so-called "No Poo" trend, which just flies from the US and trying to wash as rare as possible. This is supposed to be better for skin moisture.

The online portal USA Today wanted to know more precisely and has interviewed various doctors. The results are – yes yes, read yourself:

Odor formation

It is not surprising that a person starts to smell after 365 days without showering. Dr. Cameron Rokshar, professor of dermatology at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, told the United States of America TV also the origin of the odor: he is Result of bacteria and dead skin that accumulate on the body.

This dead skin contains a protein that smells unpleasant. Bacteria also give a smell of odor when they mix with our sweat.

Growth of brown lumps

In the early days of the shower abstinence, so dermatologist Dr. Lauren Ploch, the skin becomes greasy. Later then Mushrooms and bacteria make. These occur more and more in places of body that produce most fats, such as under the axles, behind the ears, the neck and the breasts in women.

Dead skin is usually rinsed away when washing. If you do not want to wash yourself, you have to expect that Dead skin clings and mixes with the body's fat. These lumps take a brown shade as soon as dirt and other pollutants accumulate therein.

Increased risk of infection

Dr. Cameron Rokshar also stresses that increased risk of infection in such a long shower-free time. Almost small abrasions or cracks in the skin can cause soft tissue infection by increasing the bacterial infection on the skin.

Itching on the head

The dead skin would also be noticeable on the scalp – namely through Skin attack and strong itching on the head. After a year, Rokhsar, however, the itching on the head is extremely extreme. By the fat of the scalp and the accumulated dirt, the hair would also look dry, matt and broken.

Bad skin

Due to the high levels of bacteria on the skin, the risk is also increased, Acne to get. Due to the dirt, the follicles would be quite flammable.


Also Rash develops very fastwhen you no longer shower. This inflammatory skin reaction usually runs extremely itchy, the skin is dyed red and begins to burn and cause pain.

Foot mushroom

The feet are strongly affected by bacteria as long as they do not last longer. Dust, sweat and bacteria are a funguswhich can lead to itching, skin damage and pain.

Long period back to normality

365 days are a long time. If you want to return to normalcy after such a long period of time, for the predicted Rokhsar that this will about a week would last – maybe even longer. Only then did the body get rid of bacteria and dirt.

Not everyone needs to shower every day

Dr. Elaine Larson, Dean of Columbia School, holds Daily showers are unnecessary. All two, three or even four days are totally okay – as long as you do not stink.

It explains that the natural organisms on the skin generally protect from harmful germs. The exception is people with sensitive immune system, such as newborns, elderly people and people with disorders.

By Simona Asam

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