Saturday , September 18 2021

Corona does not affect the quality of relationships

Rather, “banal psychological factors” such as security are responsible for happiness in a relationship. This is the result of a research team led by Stephanie Eder of the University of Vienna. In a study in the spring of 2020, the team interviewed about 300 people from Austria, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

With her survey, the researcher shed light on the effects of various crisis measures on the quality of relationships. “It was very surprising to me that the various crisis situations had no effect on the quality of the relationship,” Eder explained. The deciding factor for a good relationship – especially in times of crisis – is the attachment style.

“The safer people can feel in relationships, the easier it is for couples to survive difficult situations like the corona pandemic.” However, in collaborations marked by uncertainty, conflicts accumulate, which also leads to a deterioration in the quality of relationships.

“The duration of partnerships has no impact, but the age of those involved,” Eder said. Younger people are more satisfied in their relationship than older people. While the number of life years has an effect, sexuality is apparently not important to the quality of a relationship.

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