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City Hub Wien Pilot Project in 3rd District: Post tests new ways of delivery


Full concept for sustainable and efficient city logistics

Vienna (OTS) City logistics, sustainability and delivery are at last mile topics where the Austrian Post has for years been intensive. For example, in early 2018, the "City Logistics Jam" launched by Swiss Post worked with several stakeholders from "Vienna City", such as research and business to various concepts. The further development of one of the ideas was presented today with the pilot project "City Hub Wien" by DI Peter Umundum, head of Parcel & Logistics at Austrian Post, along with the district head of the 3rd district of Vienna, Erich Hohenberger. Unlike previous tests on city logistics, Swiss Post is familiar with a holistic concept. The focus is on aspects such as environmental compatibility and sustainability, economic efficiency, customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the delivery personnel.

In the 3-month pilot project, Swiss Post tests delivery via e-bikes via central city hubs. This refers to locations in a central location where & # 39; packages are collected and delivered from there. At City Hub Wien, a cargo consolidates the parcels into the City Hub, where you can start the delivery staff directly with alternative cars. Swiss Post uses special Rytle e-bikes, which save CO2 and avoid noise. The delivery with the e-freight truck would have to replace a complete journey with the van. This means that the same amount of packages can be delivered as with a regular diesel car.

"The question is how can & # 39; deliver in & # 39; the last mile more sustainable yet efficient and possible. We are following a new approach to loading delivery boxes with packages in the logistics center and from there to the city hub" "Our delivery personnel do not sort the parcels themselves, but take them directly to the delivery service and can immediately start their tour with the taxi," says Peter Umundum, member of the board of Parcel & Logistics.

Austrian Post offers CO2-neutral shipping since 2011, means the largest domestic e-float with more than 1,600 electric cars, and is a pioneer in green logistics. In addition, the Austrian Post was awarded with an excellent logistical quality through the collaboration relationship with the umbrella brand of AUSTRIAN LOGISTICS – under the federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

The concept is tested in the 3rd district of Vienna. "The project is an important contribution to more sustainability in the urban infrastructure," said ward manager Erich Hohenberger. "I hope this new form of delivery will be well received by the residents of the 3rd ward and will positively affect customer satisfaction and the environment."

The pilot project will run for three months, assessing initial experience and capability. In the next phase of the project, Swiss Post will use local research knowledge and analyze the results in collaboration with the logistics center of the FH Upper Austria Campus Steyr, which is also intensively involved in city logistics.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and handled by the rail infrastructure services mbH (SCHIG mbH) as part of the Logistics Funding program.

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