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Caution of these hams is canned with salmonella

Manufacturer calls ham because of salmonella suspicion

Campofrio Food Group Germany GmbH from the North Rhine-Westphalia Ratingen launched a call for the product "Aoste Kern ham 80g". The ham could be contaminated with salmonella. These bacteria can cause diarrhea and other health problems.

Potential salmonella contamination

The Campofrio Food Group Deutschland GmbH from Ratingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) calls the product "Aoste Kernschinken 80g" with the minimum sustainability data 13.12.2018, 20.12.2018, 26.12.2018 and 03.01.2019. According to a company's announcement, certain pesticides of a supplier have a potential salmonella contamination. "The potentially affected raw material was processed in the product" Aoste Kern ham 80g ", the manufacturer writes.

Campofrio Food Group Germany GmbH calls the product "Aoste Kern ham 80g". The ham could be contaminated with salmonella health hazards. (Image: HLPhoto /

It is advised against the consumption of the products concerned

"From the product analyzes of the supplier and our manufacturer, we are not aware of any actual salmonella contamination of the listed pigmeat batches or the final product," he says.

Nevertheless, the company calls for the following batches of "Aoste Kern ham 80g":

GTIN / EAN: 5 411328 079145, MHD: 13.12.2018, Charge: 4073
GTIN / EAN: 5 411328 079145, MHD: 17.12.2018, Charge: 4076
GTIN / EAN: 5 411328 079145, MHD: 20.12.2018, Charge: 4079
GTIN / EAN: 5 411328 079145, MHD: 26.12.2018, Charge: 4084
GTIN / EAN: 5 411328 079145, MHD: 03.01.2019, Charge: 4091

According to the information, the products were marketed across different retail chains throughout Germany. "We advise consuming the products concerned."

Purchasers will receive a refund for delivery of the product photo including the minimum date and number of bills, as well as the indication of the bank data.

Bacteria can cause gastrointestinal disorders

Salmonella may be triggers of severe gastric / stem diseases (salmonella).

The disease occurs several hours to days after the infection and affects itself primarily by sudden diarrhea, abdominal pain, discomfort, cold feeling and headache.

In some cases, vomiting and light fever are added.

The complaints usually disappear after a few hours or days of self.

For infants, small children, seniors and people with weakened immune system, however, the fluid loss can be dangerous due to diarrhea and vomiting. (ad)

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