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Cartoon icon Stan Lee died «


When Stan Lee made his first attempt as a manga artist, the superhero world was still manageable. Superhuman Superman, burning human torch, night batman, green lantern, and flash-like flash heroes. He owes his comedian fans to Hulk, Thor, X-Men, and other stars such as the most famous Marvel character: Spider-Man. Marie Publishing's former chief designer died at the age of 95 at a Los Angeles hospital, the US media reported. Joan died in July at the age of 93.

Lee said that a year ago he was at Toko "the best thing is that he is busy". He was a welcome guest at the comic book and has been a cameo in many Marvel movies over the last few years.

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber in New York on December 28, 1922. There he started his career as an assistant with Timely Comics. For years he filled the mortal ink bottle and read the proofreading. In 1941 he became a temporary editor and quickly ascended after his first work. In 1961, he was the editor of Timely Comics. Timeline Comics was soon renamed Marvel.

Lee's manga has been translated into more than 25 languages ​​and has been published in more than 75 countries. His hero appeared on numerous television series and movies.

Lee was welcomed in Washington, one of "America 's most prolific storytellers," as a genre of literature appraisers and critics despised decades ago. Comics were for fantasy fabrics for kids and teens, idiots and a small fan base for outsiders. In the 1980s and 1990s, magazines turned into popular pop literature before approaching the public with blockbusters and video games. "Spider-Man" is not only known to children worldwide today,

Overall, Lee created about 350 cartoon characters with Jack Kirby and late July Steve Ditko and other colleagues.


With white hair, a mustache, and aviator sunglasses, Lee soon became a meta superhero that turned Marvel's golden age into a multimedia company and made him look like someone else. But he did not deserve well. "I was stupid in business, and I had to be more greedy." He confessed to Hollywood reporters years ago. He did not have to pay for the crucial moments, so he ran a financial roller coaster at the publisher. But his fortune is estimated at about $ 50 million (about 40 million euros).

Shortly appointed as President Marvel, he soon gave up again to do more creative work. From time to time, he wrote an adaptation of a movie, sometimes a comic, and sometimes an adult television series called "Stripperella". He is also guest starring in more than 24 movies in the Marvel universe. He was cared for at home and by nurses in the mid-'90s, but he liked to appear in cartoon festivals surrounded by countless fans. His lawyer declined firmly on the allegation that Riga was sexually assaulted on a nurse.

In recent years, Lee has been sick continuously. It was not until early February this year that Lee spent several hours at the hospital. "I knew the world was not worried about whether I was in the hospital or not, but there was a day of rest," said 95-year-old Skype interview to US broadcaster KABC.


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