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Börse Express – IRW News: Midpoint Holdings Ltd .: Midpoint Holdings Ltd .: Appointment of Mr Derek Ivany to the Board of Directors

IRW-PRESS: Midpoint Holdings Ltd .: Midpoint Holdings Ltd .: Appointment of Mr. Derek Ivany to the Board of Directors

London, United Kingdom (April 14, 2021) – Midpoint Holdings Ltd. (TSXV: MPT) (Midpoint as the company) is pleased to announce the following changes to its board of directors and executives:

– Appointment of Derek Ivany as Director, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Renumeration Committee of the company;

– Michael Hampson is stepping down as director of the company.

The company is pleased that Mr. Ivany is welcome on her board of directors and as chair of its Audit Committee and Compensation Committee.

Mr. Ivany served mostly as chairman of the Midpoint Advisory Board. In this role, he played an important role in the refinancing of the company. In his new role, Mr Ivany will focus on Midpoint’s growing market and business offerings, with a particular focus on assessing strategic and synergistic opportunities within the growing FinTech and Crypto-currency sectors.

I’m really looking forward to focusing on leading Midpoint in the next phase of its growth, says Derek Ivany. Going forward, David Wong and his team have done an excellent job and maintained a versatile payment platform that will provide a strong foundation for future value-adding opportunities. As a long-time shareholder of Midpoint, I am particularly looking forward to working with the team to increase the value of the company for the benefit of all involved. I think Midpoint is well positioned to take advantage of the downturn in the financial technology sector.

Mr. Ivany was previously the president and CEO of a publicly traded company whose valuation of its $ 2 million in market cap to $ 250 million peaked during its tenure. At the same time, a lot of liquidity was generated for investors. Last year, he was responsible for more than $ 15 million in wealth accumulation across a variety of commercial banking mandates in the biotechnology, health and wellness, and technology sectors. Derek’s most extensive roles include his appointment to the Advisory Board of Relay Medical Corp., where he was instrumental in the growth financing of the company, and as founder and CEO of Holy Crap Brands Inc., operated by Plant & Co Brands Ltd . was taken over. There he now contributes to the direction of business development and strategy. In addition, Mr. Ivany was the founder and president of Pilz BioScience Corp., a biotechnology company that developed medical psychedelics for the treatment of disorders with a neuro-inflammatory component, with an initial focus on disorders of the autistic spectrum. Mushroom BioScience was founded by Nova Mentis Life Science Corp. accepted.

In comments on the appointment of Mr. Ivany said David Wong, CEO of Midpoint: Derek has extensive experience and an impressive track record. I look forward to working with Derek to create exceptional value for our shareholders. Like myself, Derek was a Midpoint client before becoming an investor and now joining the Midpoint team. This speaks volumes about Midpoint’s value proposition and the company’s vision.

The company would also like to thank Mr. Hampson for his valuable contributions to the company. It has been a pleasure to be part of the Midpoint team and to guide the company in its global expansion over the years. I will continue the business as a client and shareholder as I focus on the next phase of Bishopsgate Financial, my consulting firm, and other companies in the pipeline. I would like to welcome and congratulate Derek Ivany on his appointment to the Council. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank David for his dedication to Midpoint and the incredible work he has done to restructure the company – the results speak for themselves. I look forward to the continued success and growth of Midpoint over the coming years, ”Mr Hampson said.

It has been a real honor and pleasure to work with Mike. On behalf of Midpoint, we wish Mr Hampson all the best for the future and we would like to welcome an opportunity to work together in the future, says CEO David Wong.

About Midpoint

Midpoint, based in London, United Kingdom, is an authorized FCA payment institution specializing in cross-border payments and forex trading. SMEs, overseas professionals, homeowners, overseas students, individuals and anyone involved in international payments use Midpoint’s U.S. patent-protected platform for transparent, multi-party and multi-currency transparent services.

Midpoint currently processes transactions in 26 currencies and can collect and transfer payments in more than 200 countries. This highly secure platform offers clients the most cost-effective FX transactions at the midpoint of the interbank rate / selling ratio, eliminating the spread and hiding hidden costs and fees.

Midpoint Holdings Limited is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and has a secondary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Additional information is available at:

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