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Börse Express – Infineon acquires Dresdner silicon carbide start-up Siltectra for 124 million euros


Chip company Infineon
Expands $ 1 Million in Silicon Carbide Business
Deodorization. Dresdner at € 124 million
Started Siltectra from Venture Capital Investor MIG Fund
The company announced on Monday in Neubiberg.

Siltectra has a new process for correction processing.
Developed Infineon for Silicon Carbide Wafer Cutting
I want to use it. This allows the number of chips from the wafer
It doubles. This is presumed to be a startup of Infinion.
Advantages of silicon carbide products. The group
Especially with the expansion of renewable energy
Car industry in view. From the drive train
Electric cars are becoming increasingly silicon carbide products.
Use it, it was. Siltectra is now
Continuous production work ./nas/fba

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