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Bode Miller: About the Death of His Daughter Emmy († 1): "I do not think it's going to be sometime easier."


In a moving interview, Ex-Skistar Bode Miller spoke about the severe period after his daughter Emmy's death toll († 1) and explained what he and his family can now look forward to.

The past six months were probably the hardest in the life of US Ski Star Bode Miller (40) and his wife, Ex-Beach Volleyball player Morgan Beck (31). In June, the little daughter of the couple died of the consequences of a tragic accident. Emmy was unnoticed in the pool of the neighbors and could no longer be saved. She was only 19 months old. In the video above, you're all about the terrible tragedy.

A light look in this difficult time

Morgan was pregnant at that time, and in October she became a parent's son. A light look at this incredibly difficult time, as the former professional athlete now said in the American "Today" show. "If there is one thing that can almost help to relieve this pain and fill the emptiness in your heart, it's a baby," said the 40-year-old, who, for his first appearance, betrayed his son's name for the first time : Easton Vaughn Rek Miller.

Morgan already had the first baby pictures shared on Instagram (if you can not see the posting click here):

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When we walked out of the hospital without our Emmy, despair and uncertainty surrounded us. The parting words from the medical staff, in those early hours after we lost our baby Emmy, was to check on the baby in my tummy. So, 5 days after losing her, I reluctantly had the ultrasound tech come check on the baby growing in my belly. To step into my future without my daughter feeling like a dagger to my heart. How can life change so quickly? During the last ultrasound, my baby Emmy lay in my arms wondering what she was looking at on the screen. And, now, she was gone. This time, I asked the tech to be quick. She asked if I wanted a 3D image to which I replied, "no." She swiftly maneuvered the wall around my stomach, checking on all parts. When she saw the baby's profile, she told me, "I know you do not want a 3D image but this is a perfect angle and I feel like I need to do one. I'll be quick. "As the screen switched to 3D imaging, I saw my sweet baby's face. He looked so much like my other babies: just like Bode with that sweet nose and those full lips. But as soon as I saw this new baby, my eyes moved to the angel lying to the right of his face, holding him, arms around his neck. Almost as if to say, "It's okay. I'm here. It's going to be okay. I love you. "I keep on this picture as a clear sign that my son knows his sister. That my baby girl Emmy is still with us. And now that our sweet baby boy is here earth side, he now holds her.

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