Wednesday , October 27 2021

Baumgartner believes the title win of SV Ried


Baumgartner believes the title win of SV Ried

RIED. New sportsman was presented yesterday.

"I'm happy and very motivated to have a chance here as a coach and sports director here at the SV Guntamatic Council," said Gerald Baumgartner yesterday on his official presentation. He was convicted of mistakes of # the association, the infrastructure and the environment, but he was aware of the big challenge in # an inner quarter. The Baumgartner contract runs until mid-2020, an option for a contractual connection.

The 54-year-old will begin its activity on January 1, he has introduced himself to the team for the first time. "The team is motivated and the cohesion is given, the conditions for full attack in the title camp in the spring are absolutely intact", the new coach of Ried is certain. The team has quality and morality. Baumgartner, from 1992 to 1995, conducted by SV Ried, does not write about transfers in the winter winter. To call specific wishes, but it is still too early. "First I have to get a picture of the current race."

SV Ried director Roland Daxl did not hope for the first place, despite a six points table on Wattens. "No one has changed the statement for the start of seasons that we want to get up, but do not have to, but of course it is logical that we do not want stone to be able to make this season," said Daxl.

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