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Australian fax index: fight against false myths

This year, the Austrian Memorial Day, which runs on Saturday in Vienna, is under the general theme "Vaccine Recovery – from young to old". "We also want to include the participants with false myths", said the organizer and the vacancy association of Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt (MedUni Wien) to the APA.

Every year, the Australian immigrant is primarily developed to provide physicians and pharmacists with the latest knowledge on vaccination. This includes removing misinformation. "For example, there is the myth that you should not have in" # ~ "difficult." This is completely wrong, for example, the grab and the procession (pertussis; note), also in & # 39; A breastfeeding must be introduced – to protect the protection of mother, "said the expert. Influenza infections in severe difficulty, for example, can be particularly strong and cause infants to be born.

New strategies should focus on young people in the case of inaction. "Tinsters often do not want to go to the children," said the fax insolvent. But they also do not feel "at home" in adult medicine and can pass through without appropriate intervention. "Facials against HPV (necks, etc.) Or against meningococcal infections are especially important in adolescents, and boys want to target themselves for intentions, as our research has shown they do not want to be" sent by their parents. must be as short as a cowardly diet. "

This facsimile is a strategy that helps both the direct immunized by the protected and the "herd-immunity" that does not benefit from the unvaccinated, Ursula Wiedermann- Schmidt and the co-authors of a recent scientific study on pneumococcus-free vaccine for children in Austria. The pneumococcal immunization introduced into the Austrian free pediatric faculty program after several years of intensive discussion in 2012 protects you up to a age of five, but has also claimed a "rogue protection" for non-dangerous 50-year-olds. the scientific research. According to official Austrian statistics, the protection of protection is between the netynocular and 70 percent. This only applies to those pneumococcal sites that are not imported for the children.

In a lecture, Rik de Swart of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam resulted in the scientific study results for the Austrian Immunization Day, which in recent years has caused a cause for concern over the importance of each and every one of the worlds. In contrast to some beliefs that a mare's disease can lead to an increase in the immune system, the infection offense is detrimental to the immune system of the years affected. This leads to more infections and over a period of two to three years after a higher mortality of infections.

The elderly population should focus on preferential vaccine, annual immunization against grippe, protection against pneumococcal disease, revitalization against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, and the herpes zoster vaccine. "In an older population group with many multiple sick workers of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, vaccinations are particularly important in order to minimize additional risk," the expert said.

Source: APA

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