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At the Bregenz Festival in 2019 everything went silly. «


Strong women will be the focal point of the 74th Bregenz festival in the form of various forms of fools next summer. After the Verdi opera "Rigoletto" in Seebühne on July 17, Jules Massenet's opera "Don Quichotte" celebrates its first day at the Festspielhaus on 18 July. The original of Miguel de Cervantes can be seen at the Kornmarktheater.

"In the presentation of the program, Elisabeth Sobotka, director of the Bregenz Festival, said:" Rigoletto has almost never felt played on a floating stage. Why, she could not explain herself. "In La Boheme, I would have felt more anxiety," the art director laughed and said. Philipp Stölzl will be responsible for the stage design and stage design (with Heike Vollmer) of eerily beautiful masterpieces. Stölzl mainly worked as a music video director. For Madonna – We performed opera in prestigious houses and festivals as well as films such as "North Wall" and "The Medicus".

"Love of the public"

Moving him is "the love of a popular person," Verdi described as "a popular musician among composers." "The fact that there are operas (at sea) to many who can not find the way to the Opera House, I am great," a trained stage designer told the upcoming production. Musical directors are Enrique Mazzola and Jordan de Souza.

"Rigoletto" joins many other fools in the upcoming festive season. First of all, Don Quichotte is one of the most important characters on the world stage many times on the festival stage. Jules Massenet's almost unknown opera "Don Quixote", first performed in Monte Carlo in 1910, will be performed as a house opera by Frenchman Mariame Clement on the third evening. Antonino Fogliani will stand on the podium of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Julia Hansen will design stage and costume for the first time at Bregenz.

The so-called "Knights of the Sad Character" is a theater version of Miguel de Cervantes, a guest producer of Deutsches Theater Berlin, directed by Jan Bosse, with performances by Ulrich Matthes and Wolfram Koch Kornmarkttheater, a traditional concert martini The Boralberg Symphony Orchestra. Sobotka bridged his work. "Francois Sarhan, a French multi-artist, links reality and imagination to Constance Lake with" Wunderwandelwelt ", the premier music theater. Is producing a set of paper objects for installation on the workshop stage being developed in collaboration with "La Muse en Circuit", the French electro-acoustic music center.

By "Reigen" Music Theater Sculpture

Arthur Schnitzler's "Der Reigen" at Werkstattbühne performed Austrian performances with Bernhard Lang (Michael Sturminger) as a musical theater on 2 July in Alexandra Liedtke's direction. The same material is handled by Sven-Eric Bechtolf and Regina Fritsch of the Tyrolean music bands Franui and Festspielhaus and consists of music processing and specially produced songs.

The opera studio is also called Peter I Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin" in 2019 by Sobotka "a fool who carries his real name". Moscow Opera Studio Dmitry Vdovin heads for the first time as a public master class. In the studio of Alexander Moosbrugger's opera studio, which will be premiered in the summer of 2020, audiences will be given a second insight on November 21st. The Wiener Symphony Orchestra concert includes four Brahms symphonies and Verdi's rich Requiem.

"We are very quiet and robust," emphasizing the well-being of Hans-Peter Metzler, president of the Festival. 2018 was a great season. "There was no summer program almost completed." So the expectations for the coming season are huge. "The resale is already very good," added commercial director Michael Diem. Of the 183,000 tickets issued two and a half months after launch, about 40% have already been booked for the 26 "Rigoletto" performance. "It brings us to the pinnacle of Carmen," Diem says.

From July 17 to August 18, the game on the lake: July 17 Giuseppe Verdi's "Rigoletto" House Opera: Jules Massenet's "Don Quixote" premiered on July 18 . For more information and tickets at


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