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Are these pills still healthy?

Kaufland offers vitamin D pills: How useful are these pills?

The Kaufland bakery has for some time a few jewelry, of which Vitamin D content is expected to be 30 times higher than conventional pod mushrooms than it joins UVB light. The Warentest Foundation has now taken a closer look at & quot; fracture production & quot; and explained how sensitive it is.

General vitamin D definition

Last year, it has been reported that about 60 percent of children and adolescents in this country have more or less depressed levels of Vitamin D. In addition, one study has indicated that about half of more than 65 words have been affected by vitamin D deficiency. Generally, the supply of vitamin D in Germany is considered. Would it be wise to sell food with vitamin D, as does some pilots?

Kaufland has for a long time been in the podium producer, which has to treat more Vitamin D than conventional fungi by UV radiation. Warentest Foundation has now offered a closer look at the new feeds. (Photo: ExQuisine /

Now also available in Germany

Years ago, therefore, German researchers reported on Vitamin D sales podcasts sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A few months ago, also Swiss-player products launched pilots that are rich in Vitamin D.

And in the meantime, the nutritionist Kaufland in Germany also offers cultivated mushrooms, which must be rich in vitamin D, because of the exposure of UV light.

But what benefits does the vitamin D fungus have?

Mushrooms are briefly illuminated with UVB light

"30 x more vitamin D" than conventional cultivated seed mushrooms, "100 grams contain 125 percent of the recommended daily dose" – that promises the vitamin D vitamin label, which is finally on offer at Kaufland, inform the Warentest Foundation on their website.

200 grams must cost two euros.

According to a message from the supermarket chain, pillars & # 39; a customer recently illuminated with UVB light. According to the company, this increases the vitamin D content of pod styles by a factor of 30 compared to conventional pills.

An irradiation calls a process in the wild – the fungi make a lot of vitamin D under the influence of sunlight.

Conventional brewery production is tough because it is not available on a daily basis. Vitamin D is said to support the health of bones and teeth.

The procedure was developed by Dr. with. Paul Urbain, Nutritionist at Freiburg University Medical Center.

The special pod parts are made by the company Pilzland in Lower Saxony.

The control procedure works

The Warentest Foundation has sent the podcasts to the laboratory and reported on "", whether the pilings are somehow for the Vitamin D budget and whether the specific vitamin D levels are also correct.

According to the researchers, the experts established the vitamin D content of one of the five different packages and determined that the punitive procedure was working.

The vitamin D content is, on average, 9.6 micrograms per 100 grams, which is well above the levels of regular playing players.

Probe analysis of common fungi discovered, however, 0.3 micrograms of Vitamin D per 100 grams.

Based on the average value, the representative is of a ratio that the vitamin D fungi contains 30 times more of the so-called sun-vitamin.

Vitamin D levels are very different

However, vitamin D levels decrease from the pack to signify. The lowest level found in the podcasts of a case was 5.3 micrograms of Vitamin D per 100 grams.

Unlike the highest content was 15.1 micrograms. This figure is even higher than the maximum level the EU has set for these spatial feeding under the European Novel Food Regulation: ten micrograms per 100 grams.

However, an overwhelm of Vitamin D should not be tolerated by pillars. Both of the Vitamin D roughest pod can be tested according to science in long-term, without forgetting various packages.

To the full extent of the vitamin D content of the special pills, the testers describe the exact vitamin D content on the 6.25 microgram per 100 gram package as "shame".

In addition, the fungi should not be mentioned properly: the Novel Food Regulation requires that cultivated podlets treated with UV rays should be called "UV-treated fungi (Agaricus bisporus)".

But on the label are only the names "Vitamin D Pilsen" and "Cultampampignon".

It is given Vitamin D mainly by the sun

"Especially in the dark season, many people learn from a vitamin D deficiency. To reduce the UVB content in sunlight is too low for your own vitamin D production in the skin," Dr. with. Paul Urbain.

"The Steinchampignons are an ideal way for vegetarians and cousins ​​to satisfy and facilitate their Vitamin D," said the nutritionist.

However, it is important to know that people only cover ten to twenty percent of their vitamin D obligation through their diet.

Noteworthy size is in a greasy sea fish such as heather and salmon. For example, eggplant and margarine, which are fortified with Vitamin D, can provide smaller measurements.

Mostly, the person gets the vitamin D, which is not particularly important for the bones, by the sunlight in the summer months.

Therefore, specialist communities between March and October recommend two to three times in the week's face, hands and arms discovered and sun-sunbathed for the sun – light midday healthy but you should avoid it.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), half of the time sunburn would not otherwise be protected is enough.

Those who stay longer in the sun have to protect themselves, for example with sunscreen. The body can store a supply of vitamin D sufficient in most people to get the dark season without definite symptoms.

Necessary additions

Some people still earn the entry of vitamin D supplements. However, this must always be discussed with the family deck.

However, many nails are not recommended for all people, warnings.

In addition, some of these preparations are not recommended, but even a risk, as shown by tests.

And the drug committee of a German medical profession (AkdÄ) points out that it can also lead to an overdose with vitamin D supplements.

According to the Warentest Foundation, the entry of vitamin D supplements may be useful for certain types of risk, for example, in people or over 65 years of age, who may well not be able to withstand Vitamin D through the skin. (Ad)

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