Thursday , October 6 2022

Amazon sells a variety of Apple products.


Seattle / Cupertino, CA (APA / Reuters) – Amazon has expanded its offerings for Apple products. Just before the start of the Christmas business, two US technology competitors agreed to expand previously limited cooperation. The world's largest online retailer, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other devices from the US, Europe, Japan and India in the coming weeks.

So far, Amazon has only sold a limited range of Apple products, such as the Mac computer and the headphone Beats brand. Although not included in the new offer, Apple's streaming speaker, HomePod, competes with Amazon's online echo and voice services Alexa.

Other US technology names like Amazon, Apple, and Google have little collaborative power because of the competitive supply of devices and services. But Amazon and Apple have now overcome this difference and have increased their main retail sales volume throughout the year. The new alliance also shows that Amazon's market dominance continues to be important for well-known brands like Apple and Nike that have long resisted distributing products through online retailers.

At the same time, Amazon is more difficult to counterfeit branded products. Also, from January 4, Amazon will remove third-party Apple products from products that the iPhone manufacturer has not authorized to sell. Nonetheless, customers should be able to continue purchasing accessories (such as headphones) that are brand-safe at an Internet department store that is compatible with Apple devices.

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