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After the Brazilian conflict: Verstappen starts at Ocon.


After the Brazilian conflict: Verstappen starts at Ocon.

Paolo. I burned the fuse after Brazil Grand Prix with Max Verstappen. Red Bull Rider falls on the track to help Foster India rider Esteban Ocon win safely. Eventually winner Lewis Hamilton lost.

Max Bestaphen Photo: Gepa

After the match, the Dutchman Ocon was exited. As the TV footage shows, the FIA ​​acknowledged the Dutch duke of the Dutch at Pat Lane. Both drivers were quoted after citing this behavior to race committee members. They decided that Verstappen would be punished for his actions.

Red Bull Motorsport coach Helmut Marko no longer understands the world in his ORF interview: "A Mercedes-signed knee starter leads a leader to a 10-second penalty, which is absolutely ridiculous.

"If he is kneeling in the back, he must not interfere in an absolutely stupid leadership battle." This fantastic ride is executed and can not be trusted! " Asked if Marko would talk to Ocon again, he said, "I'm not talking to this fool."

Okon himself is shocked by Verstappens's behavior after the game. "His actions are really bad, he attacked, he was aggressive, he was not a professional," said the Frenchman who did not want to talk to the Dutch again. "I will not talk to him, I have been on him for a long time, he is as he is, he is always very rough and rude," Oko said.

The age of 22 does not recognize any offense in one part of it. "I came out of the back of Max and had a fresher tire, and the team told me to turn it back if I could, and I was with him side-by-side.

Verstappen, who acted on the track and then stretched out his middle finger, said in the initial response, "What can I do? We have finished everything." If such a fool is driving me, I can not do anything. Temchef Christian Horner understands Verstappen's behavior compared to "Sky Sports F1". "Esteban should be happy except for many shots." Max lost his victory today due to late. "

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