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After landing in Mars, everything is planned according to "InSight"


After landing in Mars, everything is planned according to "InSight"

Pasadena. After her spectacular landing on the Red Planet, everything is in line with the Mars-InSight Mars probe.

The problem "InSight" MIKE BLAKE (REUTERS)

The US space agency NASA has announced on Monday (local time), she received the signal that "InSight" as set up have blocked up. When Landemanvers fell on Mars, NASA cities had earlier euthanized the arrival of "InSight".

The two rounds of "InSight" with a diameter of 2,20 meters would have already called light on Mars, NASA said. In clear air, they can generate energy for the 700-watt problem. "The team can rest in little tonight – now we know that the runs are loaded and load the batteries," said InSight Project Leader Tom Hoffmann.

First photo sent

A few hours earlier, the problem was on Mars. "Landing confirmed!" NASA reported its control center in Pasadena, California. There, out loud, excited, the scientists knew each other and brought light.

A few minutes later, "InSight" sent a first picture of 'Red Planet. Although the picture was awake, this was likely to increase the landing by the clouds of dust. In the coming days, "InSight" will be busy working to find suitable places to build their measuring instruments with a robot arm.

NASA boss Jim Bridenstine had to be fed up with a successful location for future Mars missions: "Last, the day will come when we are lying on Mars," he said.

"Six and half hours of horror"

A Landemanver on Mars is so complicated that only about 40 percent of the previous missions to the outside of # 39; Our internal solar panels are successful. Therefore, NASA has a & # 39; e & # 39; six and half minutes of horror & # 39; spoke to the "InSight" landing. The landing was preceded by almost seven years by the space bar.

With a speed of 19,800 km / o, it was in the atmosphere of Mars, the temperature of its hard shelf around 1,500 degrees Celsius. After the problem escaped the shield, they came to their three legs and parasite, and they fled to the surface of Mars.

The failure of many Mars landings has to do with the atmosphere of our neighboring planet. The dense sky causes a single hand, which parachutes only develop a limited bug effect. On the other hand, the Martian atmosphere is sufficient enough to halt a spell as it dances.

European technology

Although Europe has not yet managed its own successful Mars Landing, but is involved in various high technology in the "InSight" mission. The Graz Institute for Space Research (IMF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is involved in evaluating the data. One of the experimental instruments on the landing platform is a crash probe that is built in Germany, which is called to make a location of up to five meters deep on the surface of Mars. A French seismometer is also on board.

With the stationary geophysical observatory, the scientists want to examine the interior of Mars and its structure for the first time in the next two years. It should be possible possible earthquakes and earthquakes on planet. The researchers hope to distinguish, like Mars as millions of years ago.

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