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Adult man put his own sperm as home security for back pain – with this result!

Because of problems: 33-year-old man spoke his own semen on months

There are several housing options for back, such as heaters or salads, that are moved to release the symptoms. However, there is no evidence that you can treat problems with sperm. But that's exactly what a 33-year-old man from Ireland tried to do. He had to raise his own seed for months and finally in the hospital.

Treat the pain well

Millions of people have recovered pain. The impact is usually advised not to be used everywhere, but to strengthen their backs through physical activity and special exercises. Even skin cleaners, such as high baths, can help with low back pain. What a 33-year-old man from Ireland came to get to his back is NOT (!) Recommended: he uses his own semen.

In Ireland, a man has tried to pick up his back by injecting his own thigh. The treatment took him to the hospital. (Photo: weyo /

Intense rescue from & # 39; s skin and an abscess

As reported in a "Irish Medical Journal" magazine, visited a 33-year-old Irishman Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin because of their hard, sudden back.

The patient told the doctors that the discomfort was attributed to a scum.

According to the information, the 33-year-old has already been in the past already chronic back.

In the further study, doctors reported intensive rescue of & # 39; a skin and an abscess under the skin at a right front arm. Then they asked more.

Man trapped semen over 18 months

According to the report, the man stated that he had introduced his own semen as an innovative method of treating pain. He developed this "remedy" independently of all medical advice.

The further research shows that the man has already slaughtered all his semen for half a year.

In recent times he loses three "doses", both intravascular and intramuscular.

Due to the more frequent injections, the weight increased upwards for pain relief. In addition, a papule and decomposition of the subcutaneous weight (cellulite) had developed.

The patient was treated with anti-microbial agents. The back of the man improved over the course of his police stay and decided to treat himself without completing the treatment.

Scientific research on seed works

The doctors wish to know whether there are scientific studies on the treatment of walking pain with seaweed and starting a related study.

Although they have found an old paper by scientists from Glasgow University, reporting the effects of subcutaneous injection in rats and canals, no cases of intravenous injection have been found in & # 39; e people.

The authors show that the current case involves the hazards that can arise when non-specialists make experiments with injections of substances that are not intended for intravenous use.

He also moves the risk that's associated with medical experimentation before doing much clinical research. (Ad)

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