Tuesday , June 22 2021

ABB reeks travels to Saudi Arabia – trade newspaper

Despite international criticism of Saudi Arabia, Siemens-boss Joe Kaeser will appear on Monday at a conference of Saudi-American nationals. A spokesperson for the international business of Munich confirmed Kaese's presence at the conference "In King's Total Value (Sunday)" on Sunday for suppliers to Saudi Aramco in Dammam on the Persian Gulf.

Kaeser comes in Saudi Arabia alone with representatives of the company. He will not visit council representatives. Kaeser is on a trip to the Middle East, where he will also meet customers and business associates in United Arab Emirates. The head of Swiss rival ABB, Ulrich Spiesshofer, will also attend the conference.

Four weeks ago, Kaeser's trip to a oil-state-teacher conference was canceled at the last minute. Shortly after, in weeks of absentia, Saudi Arabia gave that anti-regime journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the consulate of the Kingdom of Istanbul. His return track was "the sweetest, but not the best decision," wrote Kaeser on time at the Career Portal. He had finally responded to the problem of Khashoggi at the conference.

Siemens is an important entrepreneur of the Saudi Arabian government and offers, among other things, the method of & # 39; a capital of Riyadh. Around 2030, the Munich company, which has 2,000 employees in the country, has potential chances for further orders worth 30 billion dollars.

The ABB director Ulrich Spiesshofer has also traveled to Russia in October. Now the company said it would try an ABB factory in the Kingdom. In addition, he is also a representative of Saudi Aramco, one of the main customers in # 39; the region. ABB is also hoping for further contracts to build infrastructure in the country. According to a person who is known about the situation, Spiesshofer shares in opening the conference, but does not mean spokesperson. ABB is a factory with 200 employees that make high voltage switchgear. ABB works in total 1,600 people in Saudi Arabia.

According to a representative threat, Saûdy Aramco will provide 30 agreements with domestic and foreign companies of $ 25 billion on the & # 39; a conference.

Several countries have included sanctions against Saudi Arabia for the death of the regime critical journalist Khashoggi. According to media reports, the US intelligence agenda accuses Crown Crown Mohammed bin Salman of the order of the Khashoggi shelter. Saudi Arabia does not engage in involvement of the royal family.

(Reuters / mlo)

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