Thursday , January 20 2022

A 20-year-old girl aims at crossbows in Vienna police «


In a neighborhood dispute in Vienna 's favorite area, a 20 – year – old man was clearly completely eliminated. The man pointed at the nervous crossbow to the police and barricaded himself in his apartment. Then he got a "home visit" paid by Wega and was arrested.

In about two weeks David Gassée is debating the two families. Tuesday afternoon, a 20 year old neighboring apartment damaged the door, so he should be questioned by the police. When the officers knocked on the watch at 1:20 pm, Germany opened briefly and immediately aimed at the crossbow to the police officer.

When a young man barricaded himself in an apartment, the experts at Wega opened the door, and twenty years old was overwhelmed after the so-called Irritationswurfkörper throw. It rebuked passive resistance, but did not use crossbow. No one was injured during the operation.


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