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Victorian Liberal Party commissioned by Ripon MP Louise Staley to order & # 39; to initiate to encourage five MPs


December 10, 2018 12:22:00

A female Liberal MP who has held her own merry sitting by only 15 votes in Victorian elections, her party calls for a "constitutive requirements" to get more women in # 39; to deliver the Lower House.

Key points:

  • Louise Staley's narrow victory in Ripon has made it the most marvelous sitting in state
  • She says a mechanism that "effectively treats as quota" for liberal women is needed
  • Ms. Staley says her party does not have climate change is a solution to voting

The Victorian Electoral Commission has announced this morning that Louise Staley has officially treated her Ripon site in Western Victoria, so that this controversy controversially controversially controversially controls Sarah De Santis Labour's.

The Liberals won 21 Lower House, four of which were held by liberal women, including Ms Staley, Cindy McLeish (Eildon), Bridget Vallence (Evelyn) and Roma Britnell (South West Coast).

At both a state and federal level, the Liberal Party has been under recent pressures within its own ranks to raise the number of female candidates to secure seats.

"We're going to have so many women now," said Staley ABC Central Victoria.

"It's clear that one of the areas is – it's not the only area, I do not even think it's the most important area, but it's one of the areas – we have to make some advantages.

"We have to do a job to preserve them [the electorate’s] trust. Many people clearly understand that we do not have enough women.

"I'm one of them, I've been campaigning for women's education in the Liberal Party for at least 20 years."

Ms Staley denied using "labor-style quotes," but said that the party needed a kind of constitutive scheme that is the same.

"The problems with the word 'quotas' … is the way it is introduced in the PvdA is not possible [the Liberals to use for] a complete piece of technical reasons, "she said.

"But the idea of ​​a kind of constitutive requirements that effectively treats as a quota, as I can, can be what we need to see.

"We have tried problems, we have tried some jaw, we have tried to say more women, and we did not realize that."

She said she did not know exactly how to work properly, but suggested that her party tried to give seats to female candidates.

We need to be more empathetic & # 39;

The Liberals are weakly weak against them, especially in Melbourne in the east, and Ms Staley said the party did not speak about words about their party.

"[New Opposition Leader] Michael O 'Brien has indicated that we need to talk about climate change, and start to begin how we improve its effects, and how we will cause climate change, "she said.

However, she said that her party opposition to a safe injection in Richmond was "not what that was to say" with voters.

"We have to be more empathetic for the fact that so many Victorians have in their family or someone they know about drugs, and come with practical, pragmatic solutions to help those people," she said.

They criticized her federal college, and told them to focus on policy, not in battle.

With her enlarged minority in the new Victorian Parliament, Ms Staley said her party was a whole year over the next four years.

"There are a problem of challenges that my party provides, and one of them is that we are a loose party.

"The parliament itself will feel a lot else, if the numbers on the floor are strong against the worker."

They talked about fighting to sit – that was to learn to work in a previous count – was an emotional rollercoaster.

Due to the successful outcome, Labor has filed a formal request with the Viktory election committee for a report of # the vote.

The ABC election investigator Anthony Green reported that the bill was final, although Labor could control the result by the Court of Auditors, when attention to discussion papers coming into conflict.


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