Wednesday , May 12 2021

Turn off "Big Sticks", more competition will reduce the electricity prices

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Tony Abbott, my opponent for the Warringah site at the next federal election, believes that taxes must be subsidized to build new stone schools. He believes this will reduce electricity prices. He is deceived mis.

One thing is Mr Abbott and I agree with each other is the need to lower the prices. I and the workers believe, however, the only sustainable way to increase the generation of low cost energy from durable resources.

Mr Abbott seems to say that durable energy is a more expensive way of power, than nothing else is going on. Snowy Hydro has recently scrutinized 888MW of wind and solar projects for A $ 40-50 / MWh, almost half of the world's largest market price.

Snowy Hydro will pack these projects with their existing capacities to deliver long-term, 100% reliable power under $ 70 / MWh. The cost of new stone limestone is much larger and has to have massive long-term subsidies needed to operate.

Mr. Abbott also seems to be using the click question: "What happens when the sun does not seem, and the wind does not fight?" Our homes have water if necessary, but still rains it 24 hours a day, 7 days in week! Most of us understand the storage, why can not Mr. Abbott be?

Our drive has already been a large number of generating – hydro and gas generation – used to balance fluctuations in both supply and demand, but we need more future investments over the coming years. There are eleven eleven pomped hydro-storage projects in treating the country, and the brand for batteries, both large and small, is impressive.

Moreover, if the sun does not seem to, the wind is almost always on our high continent. When NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin has been in recent weeks, AEMO's recommendation is a strong integrated national electric grid, making energy available in one area, to others, the low sustainable system Australia is incredibly to go.

Mr. Abbott is also wrong if he proves sustainable responsibility for electricity supply. A recent report from the Victorian Energy Policy Center suggests that sustainable energy boosts total system cost, while the ACCC reports that lime and gas injection is the second biggest cause of a detailed electricity price over the last decade, just behind the cost of gold rattling the network.

Mr Abbott seems to advise it that if we prevent sustainable energy subsidies, it would not be viable. Renewables received many subsidies in early beginnings, but subsidies have hitherto been under the Renewable Energy Target that most new wind and solar cells are being built without subsidy.

The ironic is that Mr. Abbott fully checks the subsidies for the coal mining sector. State Payers pay for almost all of our aging collective powers and the electricity they connect, that's been sold for a song by Liberal Government. The stone industry today remains minimal dollar in state subsidies. The diesel fuels policy, which claims only by the coal industry, cost the budget $ 2 billion a year.

What's important is the cost of stone colaat not the real cost. The total cost of stone force must reflect the most important contribution that make them emissions for climate change. An ever-increasing climate, with sharp burdens and extreme storms, all the economy of millions is needed in damage and damage.

In addition, add upsetting health benefits to communities that live close to stone cobblestones and it is easy to see that producing more broken power is not in our national interest.

The defense of # abortions of # The party of # elections of # 39; The party is a "big stick" proposal to make the personal property of the treasurer personal property to earn companies from earning waves, while the proof of # 39; The party is the party of free market economy if this proposal is not so shy. Giving one person such as power will reduce confidence in investing, raising premiums, and stimulating the capital of capital needed to build new generation of capital, thereby putting the prices on.

The ACCC report in retail prices produced 56 attendees – none of the provisions contained in # 39; "Big Stick" Abbott and his protection from Angus Taylor are so happy to shop.

The Labor Party supports free and efficient brands where buyers and sellers are protected with appropriate arrangements. An area requiring a further consideration to pay energy prices is how we can make the growing energy market more efficient by reducing the concentration of power in an oligopoly. The best way to achieve this and thus to bring prizes is to encourage more competitors to enter the market.

When Mr. Abbott and his party earn their real price, they have to raise their funding for sustainable energy, target their "big stick" legislation, plans to subsidize new subsidies and encourage their attention to stimulate more competition in & # 39; t market.

A stable and clean energy plan that has been coordinated with states and has been established with our long-term climate, will invest more and stimulate new competition as the policy flips, intimidation and threats that can only speak high prices.

Dean Harris is the Labor Party for Warringah.

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