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the way you take the pill has to do more with the pope than your health

The way in which women are offered to take the combined control arrow for the last 60 years increases the exchange of false ones, and leads them to the risk of unwarranted pain. And this far from the ideal situation is the result of a cosmetic mercury of arrow design, based on long redundant historical context.

This is designed for normal combined oral contraceptive pills – such as Microgynon, Rigevidon or Marvelon – to follow 21 days, followed by a sixth break, after which the woman does not take the pills and experiences bleeding professionals. Arrowed women therefore have every month as a "period".

But this "period" is needed further. Shortly before his death in 2015 I visited a lecture by Carl Djerassi, the "father of" pill ". He pointed out that the seven-day break and the result remained unchanged in & # 39; a polder was designed in & # 39; e attempt to convince the Vatican to accept the new form of control consent, as well as an extension of natural structure. As is known, it was not possible, Pope Paul VI prohibited serious control telephone calls. Despite this, the seven-day lack is a component of a combined oral contractual pill.

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This is a problem. The seven-day break is a danger that will increase the risk of a pregnancy with it. This is because the level of contracting hormones in the body is the crucial factor in the elimination of urine without the difficulty of emerging. It takes about seven daily doses of contract drug pills to reach sufficient levels to make the egg. But the seven-day break will return these levels. If the pills are not recovered by the ninth day after stopping, ovulation will come.

Opportunity losses are not likely to change hormone spoons to fall at a level that would risk ovulation. However, a useful seven-day withdrawal hormone level looks for a point after which it does not allow either failed pills, or before or after the period that ovulation can occur.

Some brands, like these, have plasma pills, other than a pill-free break.
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The seven-day break is also a dented danger. Many women remember a few free weeks longer by forgetting to start the next pack at any time, or by decreasing pills in & # 39; a first or last week of the package. The reduction of hormones in these conditions can lead to unexpected ovulation, and, if the cause has been, pregnancy. But by heading from one of our free time (from seven to four days) and many times in & # 39; to reduce the number of years that the woman is inviting to have an arrow-like interval, the risk of impatient ovulation and therefore unwanted pain is reduced.

New patterns you take

As a result, many patients are now growing or continually regaining arrow regimens, with three or more pills of pills being taken for a long time and only a woman having a pill-free week, or a shorter four-day fall in love. These are less often enough to stimulate continuity of & # 39; preventing hips, which can cause an abnormal jungle of endometrial hyperplasia. They also understand uncomfortable "breakthrough" bleeds that ultimately occur when the lining is not allowed.

Some women already have 30 micrograms (standard dose) or 20 micrograms (lower) pills in this way, two or three packets together before they are deficient, often to bring back the side effects of hormones, such as migraine. However, for more extensive continuous coupling, use of low dose pills with 20 micrograms of estrogen is recommended to compensate for the increased annual dose of estrogen when fewer fractures are taken. This is because of the total dose of ingestion over time, with the small, but well-known, increased risk of breast cancer.

The use of established contractive pills in this way is "off license", meaning that the prescription, not the manufacturer, carries legal responsibility for harmful use through their use. However, expanded or contiguous arrow usage, without license, professionally acceptable, and new pills is being developed and laid out by reputable companies that are widely used, with fewer free spins.

Light or abnormal blood

And also to add fewer opportunities for ovulation, this expanded regime also means that a woman has less blurred days. One overview found such a regime to be as much as safe.

But a lot of women express that hardly any month will be detrimental to their health or fertility. Exposure to body blood "built inside" or not occurring or the body should "just clean" every month. This may be due to a misunderstanding of not keeping many hormonal control outcomes .

In a natural menstrual cycle, the lining of & # 39; s arms builds on the first half of & # 39; a menstrual cycle under the influence of estrogen and reaches its peak thickness in some time of ovulation. Then, it is kept for 14 days by progesterone, then, if there is no pregnancy, it is opened by blood vessels in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & # 39; leaving the hills, and woman is experiencing a period.

The natural menstrual cycle.
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In the most non-reactive methods that cause a report of clinical bleeding, the supply of continuous low dose progesterone decreases the thickness of the linen, so there is no need to shake. In continuous long-acting methods such as the IUS or a controversial injection, dropping in love women or not lasting, to sleep for the most part. With the combined oral control pill, learner is able to reach blood, because of the dwarf linen as a result of hormone withdrawal, not because of a need to shade a proliferated lining.

Many women and girls want the reduction in blood days and the reduction of social interruptions, and missing schools and working days, can cause menstrual periods. With the increased recognition of "period poverty" and the problems that some women protect in one payment for structure, several blood days can also benefit financially for some.

Ultimately, it is the decision to flourish or not to bleed one must be by individual women, according to their way of life needed. Clicking on a 21/7 pattern of darting, which was set up for social non-medical reasons, on the basis of both traditions or without healthcare, would no longer be the standard position for contracting pills.

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