Friday , July 23 2021

The scientific reason you surrender from Easter

If you try hard enough, you can overcome & # 39; a Christmas period in & # 39; a Christmas period, Pavlova in the New Year, card on your birthday and kitchen on ANZAC day.

But when it comes to Easter, there is just something about those dammed chocolate that makes them disturbing. Now, the experts from a University of Deakin for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS) are looking for the scientific reason for this.

According to CASS director Professor Russell Keast, candy is the perfect combination of sugar and fat, where no other food can rehearse.

"Sugar activates the sweet taste it satisfies and the consumption hits, while the fat is high in energy and is called the taste of candy with ideal molluscs that the consumer finds," says Keast.

"There is no natural action that combines fat and sugar; there is no cadaver. So in evolutionary terms, our brains, & # 39; wow, fantastic, earn more & # 39;."

The equilibrium of both found in & # 39; A chocolate is different from any other diet that does not really ruin all the feelings you have under your last chocolate binge.

"The combination of these things learns to a strong positive cure for the sick, and even if we have too much and start feeling, we forget the feeling so easily, and in the coming time we have a chance to turn over, we do it again. "

What your heart is only from your past "chocolate coma" is the nice taste.

"We can overcome the short-term overcoming that we will be getting, because we get the high-energy-positive positive of the body – so you think of a joy of being consumed."

Interestingly, dark and milk differences play a role in determining how much we earn.

CASS colleague Dr Gie Liem explains why dark chocolate is healthier than milk service because of its lower calorific value, but simply because its bitter taste means we have less food.

"The intense taste of bitter sugars and the harderest textures ever cause us more than we eat sugars," he said.

"It can be seen that people feel honored or full of feelings, and feel the desire to eat some sweet, greasy, or taste, to their dark chocolate in comparison to milk chocolate."

Nevertheless, Liem says, despite various scientific requests, that dark chocolate is far from a health level.

"There are a lot of myths about antioxidants and the good stuff in the candy. You have to eat a whole lot of candy to have one (or some) advantage of having antioxidants," he said.

"If you eat a lot of candy, you can realize the amount of calories you use."

So, what is the solution to keeping your binge-eating habits for good? The set-up for dragon is one, but Liem does not suggest completely dissolving or seducing you in your chocolate addiction; moderation is the absolute key.

"Sublimation assessments of self-reports consistently keep crumbling under the most crawled numbers. And other studies show that the depletion of the culinary taste leads to an increase in post-pressure consumption," he said. .

"So self-determined chocoholics can benefit from practicing moderation and delivering the judgment because of the sensitivity to being scared of responding to a chocolate ban. A good mantra to live is all in moderation."

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