Thursday , June 1 2023

The Irish defeat could be the All Blacks' leading entry into the World Cup. sports


WinHen I was playing for the All Blacks, and we will always say that we did not always have a "stone under the beach towel" during the low season since the November series. Make no mistake, New Zealand coaches and players now have rocks under theirs.

Regardless of Steve Hansen's words, New Zealand is still the best team in the world and it's one of my favorite teams in next year's World Cup. That's right. The gap has largely been resolved, but the big question is whether All Black should be upset. I still think the answer is & # 39; No & # 39; All credits to Ireland are worthy of a fantastic victory and are widely celebrated. But I wonder if there is something good about the rugby world for a simple reason that All Blacks can get. It is better because of it.

They will dissect this defeat because it is a great shock. But I think we can look back on the World Cup and see this as a turning point. It's definitely open and three, maybe four teams can claim to win. Traditionally I do not like what Ireland loves, so I prefer to be a loser because the mind games have already started. Now let's see how they respond to expectations.

Andy Farrell delivered a defensive master plan against All Blacks, and if I were Hansen, what I was most concerned about was that they did not have a response or plan B. They lost a bit of an idea. The bench did not make much difference.

New Zealand rugby is about the first three stages. Overcoming the gain line and boosting momentum can cause strikers to be confused. How many times did Damian McKenzie search for a space against Ireland against Ireland and not find it there?

Farrell would not be able to find anything when McKenzie, Ben Smith, Beauden Barrett cut off some of the lines from the defensive line, and there was another big feather in Farrell's cap, so he would stay on the high weekends and work all week.

You can see that everyone in Ireland's XV fully understands what they do. As with Ireland, if you are off the track with your ball, you will need to keep the square because it will help you to maintain your vision and square. Once you start to roll your hips from the inside, then the connection is broken. But it just did not happen, and as a result, New Zealand's technology was under pressure and made mistakes. Line speed, however, was astonished that All Blacks did not shuffle everything, kick a little more, put the ball up or back, change the picture and fix the Irish winger a bit backwards.

In defense, the All Blacks were better than at the end of the rugby championship and succeeded in competing against Ireland's innovative set play, but clearly one of them is characteristic of Joe Schmidt. Ireland showed strength from one minute to the end and now has a fantastic set piece. I watched the game against Adam Jones and I was impressed with how strong the team was.

Ireland has a fantastic set piece now.

Ireland has a fantastic set piece now. Photo: Tommy Dickson / INPHO / REX / Shutterstock

All Blacks now face Italy, but they have to wait a long time for another kind of intense competition without any harm. But I do not expect a radical change between now and in the future. They have settled 85-90% of the World Cup teams and decided on the group of players they want.

I do not think there will be many tactical changes. Because I want to feel confident and comfortable about what you are doing right before the World Cup.

They will do what they do, but they will find a way to do it better.

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