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Teresa Palmer writes a spelling checker in a changing new role


For a powerful speaker speaker, in # 39, the keyer is an all-star cast, a detailed script based on & # 39; the best selling trilogy of novels by Deborah Harkness, brilliant camera works and the right direction of orientation and you have watched a series of watches.

A discovery of witches the strong Australian actress Teresa Palmer, who participates in Diana Bishop's part, a historian and enthusiasm of hexagons.

"It's wonderful, it's fine and action pack, exciting and thrilling and frightening and totally romantic in one," said Palmer.

"The feedback from fans of the show and of course books is full support – they are fun and crave about the series."

Teresa Palmer in an image of Discovery of Witches.

Teresa Palmer in an image of Discovery of Witches. Sky UK Limited

In the city of Oxford stored in & # 39; The city of Oxford, a host of supernatural creatures, has its hands to get an old alchemy book from the Bodleian Library to get all kinds of fun stuff. But events designed to develop the vulnerable peace that has long been between witches, vampires, demons and people.

To begin her role as Diana, Palmer began to study, learned to talk and told her to read alchemy and science by reading texts and history books.

"I really treated some of the Ashmole collection with Deborah Harkness, telling me how to handle the books, it's very specific," she said.

"I had to have a lesbian where to keep the pages, how to turn them, what things I would like to say and what I would like to say in my magazine about what I saw.

Palmer found it a great job to step in the character of Diana, who was so influenced by the books of fans.

"I felt a pressure to make sure I would play her right," she said.

Set in a contemporary world, Diana is not enough to be a witch and earn her heritage, try her best to not look.

It's Palmer's first television series and she has the whole format of the format of this format in contrast to the film process.

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer star in the TV series A Discovery of Witches.

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer star in the TV series A Discovery of Witches. Recommended

"It was wonderful to examine the depths of a character over a long time to know that there was another series," she said.

"The cabin and crew are your family and I have the sense of camaraderie."

An unusual discovery Diana in # 39 path of & # 39; The enigmatic genetic and vampire Matthew Clairmont, played by English star Matthew Goode, and the on-screen connection of the actors is really believing.

There is a strong dynamics between the couple, probably because of their great friendship, where they share parts of stories and laugh at the absurdities involved in filming some scenes .

The series will look at a growing and emotional journey of history, mystery and magic.

A discovery of witches Thursday evening at 7:30 pm on Qld, 8:30 PM NSW on Fox8.

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