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SUL) Shakes boss Anthony Heraghty as future CEO

"We see a worse start to December than December than to be a consequence, so I think some expenses will be brought in November."

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Mr. Birtles, who didn't specifically specify the & # 39; s business in & # 39; e neighboring & # 39; compares its half-year results to & # 39; In the coming month, the sales of "Boxing Day" said "moai solid".

Super Retail, which also visits BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing), Rays and Macpac chains, launched a string of other companies in the retail sector to deliver a mixed Christmas card.

Rival for overseas chain Kathmandu in early January, which sold a surprise in sales, expanding a sector-wide sales.

Shop by David Jones also said it had a weak December, while West Farmers were back in sales in & # 39; months before Christmas.


On Tuesday, Super Retail said the head of his foreign division, Anthony Heraghty, would take over from Mr Birtles in late March.

Mr. Birtles is headquarters for the group for the last 13 years, and announced his pension in October.

With no reply to the plank, that announcement speaks and invests its stocks 21 per cent over five days, from $ 9.35 to $ 7.38.

The company has since disappeared and succeeded on Monday at $ 6.90 and it jumped 2.75 per cent per cent at $ 7.09 on Tuesday announcement.

Investments have been abandoned by the name of "Lord Heraghty," Lord Birtles said.

We will do a response to what we do, rather than any radical change.

chief executive Peter Birtles

"What is just well received is that it is someone you know, and the understanding of what we are," he said.

"Therefore, we see a continuation of what we do earlier than any radical change, and with these big changes in potential costs or a kind of reorientation of the business."

Mr. Heraghty was assembled at Super Retail in 2015. He had previously maintained in Bond owners Pacific Brands, and rated the evolution of the all-group group discovery brand operation after a direct consumer retail business.

Prior to that, he was the global marketing director at Foster's Group. Herr Heraghty's sales from New Zealand last year & # 39; a Macpac broker, which is now merged with its existing campaign skeletons.

He will take a low pay bill from his predecessor, with a basic salary of $ 1 million a year in comparison to Mr Birtles' $ 1.23 million, with annual $ 1.6 million short and long term bonuses.

Mr. Birtles will stay on & # 39; the first half of & # 39; a group from a group in February.

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