Friday , August 19 2022

South Australia: The cheapest Christmas shoppers in the country The Pulse


South Australians spend at least a Christmas festival over all other major states.

According to a new report, South Australia spends less than $ 1250 less than Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Over 2000 surveys have shown that Australians plan to spend an average of $ 1,325 this Christmas. This means that the country's total spending will reach $ 25 billion.

Australians spend the most $ 464 gift per person, and travel is the closest to $ 444.

The third biggest cost is Christmas, which costs about $ 131. financial expert Kate Browne says it's easy to miss the financial situation because it only takes six weeks to Christmas.

"Christmas is a notoriously expensive time, but in foolish seasons, it does not mean that you have to take away your financial sense outside the window," Browne said.

Overall, women spend more money on Christmas celebrations than men. $ 1406, $ 1241.

To help Australian Australians save Christmas, today's adelaide has the lowest gasoline price.

The lowest gasoline we found was 126.5c / liter for Blair Assol and Nailworth. The average price around Adelaide is 129.9c, which is a necessary part of Bowser.

Average Christ Usage per Week

New South Wales $ 1,301

QLD $ 1,275

SA $ 1,250

VIC $ 1,304

WA $ 1,416

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