Friday , January 27 2023

Retired executive director of Hagerstown Breast Cancer Nonprofit uses personal experience to help survivors | Immediately


When she was 37, Janet Lung found a lump in her breasts in the shower.

She visited a doctor to confirm her worst nightmare, and after a biopsy, she underwent breast cancer resection in January 2001 and started chemotherapy.

"It was a good way to start the new year, let's start chemo," Lung said.

The lungs were alleviated after 4 times chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation treatment. During her journey, she discovered new passions and careers that help others when they face similar situations.

"I think there is a reason," said the lungs.

While she was receiving her treatment, she discovered the Cumberland Valley in Hagerstown and quickly found a new home and support system.

This group offers free early detection and support after diagnosis of breast cancer. We offer wigs, hats and scarves for cancer patients as well as bra and breast forms for those who have undergone mastectomy.

"What we can offer is amazing, everything we do is free and we can do it for free thanks to the amazing community support we have," Lung said.

Lung began volunteering at the organization and moved to vice chairman until the board asked employees to participate as community liaison officers. About five years later, she became their managing director.

"I am doing my best, but I am trying to help somebody. If I can help a person here, I have done my work," Lung said.

After 15 years with the organization, my lungs can retire and spend more time with my husband.

She said it would be bitter to leave the organization. But she will go back to volunteering to help patients navigate as much as possible on breast cancer travel.

The organization announced on Friday that Stacy Horst, an active member of the board, has moved to executive director.

Horst became accustomed to the organization as her grandmother was fighting liver cancer and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The lungs were there to help Horst and her family through that dreadful time.

Horst said, "Janet has another personal touch with Janet because she is a survivor, she has a very soft heart and she is very sympathetic."

I appreciate the opportunity to return her to the helping program when my lungs were diagnosed.

"I just wanted to find a way to get it back and I was able to do it while I was working here," Lung said.

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