Friday , April 23 2021

Red Lion Hotel: Free beer when temperature goes over 45C

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A pub in Elizabeth Noord has one way of encouraging the inconvenience of high altitude, offering free beer as temperature above 45C.

The Red Lion Hotel started its "beer-o-meter" late March, but the heat of the past few weeks has really discussed the concept.

Above 40C the price at the Red Lion falls to $ 3. Above 42C and the beer is $ 1. About 45C and it's free.

media_cameraRed Lion Hotel in Elizabeth North, free of charge if the temperature goes over 45C.

Publicist Stephen Firth said this water is not the only thing that warms.

"The phones are crazy about people who 't sound to be verified," he said.

"They can't believe we're doing it."

On Wednesday afternoon they had driven out of glass and were cleaners. It is the choice of beer on cut, also – only Stella is from the menu.

"If it gets over 42C, it's $ 1 a pint. That's still a good deal. I don't know any other pubs that do $ 1 chips," said Mr Firth.

media_cameraPaul Barnett is a cheap beer to Ricki-Lee Cole at his local pub, Red Lion Hotel, Elizabeth North. Photo: Bianca De Marchi

Temperature is measured by the Bureau of Meteorology read at Edinburgh – the closest to the pub.

"If it is about 10 minutes in 10 minutes, then the free beer is 10 minutes," said Mr Firth.

Adelaide's 80-year-old record can be upgraded on Thursday, the Bureau of Meteorology says, in the city and its healthcare system, a new maximum performance of 45C in Adelaide on Thursday and even higher in ### is state.

Ceduna has already reached his record for the high temperature defect, on Wednesday 48.4C.

Half warnings are in place with the CFS expecting a lot of lighthouses to go out tomorrow. A boat dock left on Grand Junction Road brought power lines. Prominent local winemaker Peter Seppelt does not place guilty for child licensing. Police are warning fax keys around Adelaide. The Victor Harbor tram was re-opened, due to badly supported arrows.

Lunchtime Newsbyte January 23

Elizabeth is over at 45C on Thursday too hard.

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