Sunday , April 18 2021

NBN clients with smart speed can be offered for commitment: ACCC

However, the ACCC president of Mick Keogh's president said 94,000 customers or their crew members had contacted their slow NBN connections.

"Much, two in three involved consumers, have not replied to the letter or email," said Mr Keogh.

"They can qualify for licenses, some in one hundred dollars."

"The ACCC encourages NBN customers to contact their NBN retailer if they have received a letter or email from a cure or think they can do justice."

David Basell, an electronic engineer from Perth, said he was also downloadable for top and recorded with the NBN, which was not what he expected.

"The answer wasn't anywhere near what I would expect in the height of how the internet felt – I call it limiters," he said.

Mr Basell said that, in comparison with the two ADSL rules in one of its companies, and its time spent in the United States, the NBN was "free variable" in speed.

He said his own control of the download shipping showed 90 megabits in twenty (Mbps) to 80, 70 and even as much as 40 – a fierce noise of & # 39; e 100 that you & # 39; t have it prescribed.

"It went up and down like a yo-yo," said Basell.

Another problem he has with the NBN is the "asymmetric fly profile" with slimmer faster – a problem problem, he said, as business deal.

"Even if download download is solid as a rock on 90 [Mbps], the upload speed is over the store, "said Mr. Basell.

"I hope the highest & # 39; we are out of it is 30." [Mbps]But most of the time it is likely to be three, five possible 10.

The Keogh said retail service providers (RSPs) who quickly became firmly connected to get customers to break the risky Australian Consumer Law.

"We expect RSPs to provide consumers with forward-looking information on internet speeds they can expect from experience, and then deliver on those promises."

In a statement, a speech by Telstra stated that the company "has made all the commitments made to the ACCC and reported this information in accordance with progress".

Service providers that agree to implemented businesses are also included in iiNet, Internode, Dodo, iPrimus and Commander.

Optus and TPG are also contacted for comment.

Rachel Clun is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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