Sunday , March 26 2023

Liverpool's loss at Belgrade hits Jurgen Klopp, but the basis for a successful season remains.


After seeing that Liverpool had the worst record in the season in Belgrade, the Juergen Klab was forced to make an important comment.

At the opening of the post-game press conference after defeating Red Star, Germany said, "Unfortunately, there is already such a game and it's really hard to find the mojo again."

When asked to extend the declaration later, Klopp argued that it was wholly made in connection with his side's performance in Belgrade, rather than their recent form as a whole.

In other words, I felt that there was no possibility of confusion due to wide evaluation.

Liverpool have won three of their last eight games, including two defeats in the Champions League.

Paris The decisive clash between Saint-Germain and Napoli awaits. A team that tests confidence that Liverpool have scored the least points in a match against last year's unbelievable final.

But on Tuesday evening when he returned to the defeated team in Belgrade, Klopp was able to get comfort from the memory of the forgotten gobies ahead of the trip.

So far, every time a season's judgment about Liverpool's performance is being provided by fans, it's sometimes felt that the form of collective memory loss has come down.

However, the manager remembers that he was awarded several shreds in 2017-18 with a Champions League final and a second consecutive tournament qualification.

For example, in September and October, scored only two wins in 10 garbage hands in the hands of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Or remind that the Reds could somehow qualify up to the playoffs in the European group somehow featuring Spartak Moscow, Maribor and Sevilla.

It's disappointing, but considering the difficulties of this season, it will not happen again.

After 11 games in the last Premier League season, the 5th ranked Rays had already lost 12 points. This time they were in second place to the leaders of Manchester City.

But despite the obvious leap, the evidence that we are destined to repeat history continues to accumulate in discussions of the latest mixed form of soundtracks.

Roberto Firmino finished the conversation on fitness for the role of the center forward in last season's incredible contribution, but Brazil has once again returned to the microscope after scoring one goal in 11 games.

Goal Drought: Firmino Scored one goal in 11 games (EPA)

Meanwhile, Mohamed Salah, who was a controversial subject in the early stages of Anfield's career, recently overcame new criticism centered on his goalkeeper.

Fortunately, the players seem to have gotten enough of an appraisal to admit that they are back in a much worse situation than this last defeat in Serbia.

Adam Lallana told LFCTV on Tuesday: "Of course there will be a reaction, this is not the first time we lost a game, it's about how you react and come back."

Since there is little room for possible maneuver in the Premier League or Champions League, the Reds have no room to wait long before they really regain momentum.

But if last night's results are worthwhile, a foundation for a successful season will be built.

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