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Latest Maserati Levante gives a vroom for your buck


Just as the showers cut Levante SUV for nearly $ 55,000, the sound of paranoid pops and the finest screams made the price of soundproofing exhausts even lower.

By simply cutting a few corners and narrowing the performance of the regular Levante V6 engine, the reduction made a trio that started off with $ 125,000 in a slightly detuned but less enthusiastic version.

Named for this 350 lp (257 kW) output, this entry-level Levante 350 is tracked by the advanced 350 GranSport and 350 GranLusso (all at a cost of $ 159,990), all with the same chassis and drive train specifications.

The 350 has a full leather cabin and heated front seats with 12 electric settings.
Camera iconThe 350 has a full leather cabin and heated front seats with 12 electric settings.

Three new entrants, part of the year's rise in Maserati's 2019 year in its range, including the SUV, will sit side by side with the Levante S and turbo diesel models and the cheapest Maserati will be offered.

With the end of coverage covered, next year Maserati will start flagship V8-powered Levante GTS.

Maserati Australia reminds me of a Levante powered by a Ferrari engine and is almost made in Italy, bringing the country's design and talents to rival SUVs.

The style of the vehicle is subtle from the side and rear. The distinctive palatal shape of the grille is sharpened with slender teeth, making it easier to recognize from the front.

With a length of 5m and a wheelbase of 3m, the low center tunnel provides a spacious cabin that can accommodate three adults in the backseat.

Approached by an electric auxiliary tailgate, these boots have free 580 liters of luggage and extend to 1625 liters with the rear seats folded.

The 350 GranSport has a more aggressive nose and black alloy wheels.
Camera iconThe 350 GranSport has a more aggressive nose and black alloy wheels.

In fact, it has all the ingredients that the owner wants in space and equipment. It includes a standard infotainment system supplied by the parent company Fiat Chrysler, and many people are equipped with jeeps and rams.

This comprehensive system includes sophisticated touchscreen features that control everything from satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, voice recognition, Internet links, digital radio, and artificial breathing to telephony.

Safety is implemented in autonomous emergency braking with blind spot alerts, reverse cameras, front and rear parking sensors and lane-keeping assistants.

Then there is an electric hot water room with 12 electric seats sewn by hand. Maserati reduced the price by eliminating some of its key features, active intervention safety, which controls the paddle shifters for lane monitoring, transmission and electric steering column adjustments, but kept the Levante's driving power intact.

Buyers wishing to have a great time can use Maserati's extensive list of options, such as soft leather from Pieno Fiore, large 19-inch to 20-inch wheels, and adaptive matrix LED headlights.

It is better to lift the GranSport from 350, which is famous for its luxurious GranLusso with sports seats, more aggressive nose and black alloy wheels, or fineries including silk stitches. Both are charged with an additional $ 55,000.

While you decide how much (or less) you want in an SUV, the sales cleaner will be the sound level of the engine, not the equipment level. Even one quick drive showed this with an extraordinary SUV with all the assurance marks of an agile sports car without any of the bloated driving characteristics of many large wagons.

Despite its 2.1 ton dry weight, it is not waiting on the light, rushing to 100km / h in 6.0 seconds respectable. The $ 159,990 Levante S with the tuned version of the same engine will handle that sprint in 5.2 seconds.

Maserati Levante 350
Camera iconMaserati Levante 350

Some SUVs are faster, and many cars are cheaper, but few vehicles combine the features of this wagon, including Made in Italy and many proud Ferrari engines.

When the "Sports" button is pressed, there is no change in the discharge notes in the song, bypassing many underbody tubing. With this button, the air suspension is reduced, the ground clearance is reduced, a responsive accelerator, a solid steering feel, and a clear transmission change point are provided.

Maserati listened to customer complaints about the previous Levante's inaccurate gear shifting. It has been upgraded to a new system with the right system.

This drive runs through all the wheels of the system called Q3 and the limited slip differential on the rear has a bias for a more dynamic dark brown drive to the rear.

With the console switchgear, you can further refine your drive with individual suspension damper controls and specific controls that can take wagons off the road.

Handling is excellent for sports cars except SUVs.

Maserati Levante 350 Grand Sport.
Camera iconMaserati Levante 350 Grand Sport.

While the air suspension keeps the wagon low and flat (even "sport" mode is taken flat) and the pin-sharp steering sets the 265/50 tire, the rear diff between the axle and the constant torque Gives all the noise.

It is a fun vehicle that can definitely run long distances in this test from Albury through the hills to Melbourne.

It is also a quiet cruiser and adds comfort to show why sports SUVs are becoming more popular and in some cases becoming cheaper.

Masatella Levante 350

Model 350; 350 GranSport; 350 GranLusso

price $ 125,000; $ 159,990

engine 3.0-liter V6 double turbo gasoline

Print 257 kW / 500 Nm

relay 8-speed automatic; 4WD

thirst 12.0L / 100km

0-100 km / h 6.0 seconds

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