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Kubica to make birds ride to F1 with Williams in 2019


He came in 2018 close. And now one year, the dream realizes for Robert Kubica as the previous Grand Prix winner makes a race back to F1 with Williams next year, eight years after the serious injuries in a rally crash.

Kubica went headlong to Sergei Sirotkin for a race race by Williams in last year, with the duo on remote days on & # 39; Pirelli tire test in Abu Dhabi, scenes of his latest F1 Spartans for Renault in 2010.

Williams eventually performed for Sirotkin, with Kubica taking on the role of reserve and developers. The role provided an opportunity for a handy thing of Friday's practice, a lot of time in # 39; the simulator and time to pay for himself in his bed when he kicked off for a run.

At the same time, the Poal remained a straightforward rehabilitation program that had been thrown for a couple of years and while Williams was convinced that he was the exact driver of George Russell's rookie to create a new new line up for Williams.

"First, I like to thank everyone who has helped me in the height of a lifetime of my life over these last years," said Kubica. "It was a challenging journey to make it back to the Formula 1 grid, but it was almost impossible to kill, as I regret to say that in 2019 on Formula 1-raster be.

"This is usually a long way to get this point, but if this challenge comes to an end with this announcement, a new challenge with Williams begins to work on track, it will not be easy, but with hard work and individual, George and I will work together to try and help the team get a better shape to move the grid forward this year is hard, but I have learned a lot, and I would like to thank Sir Frank [Williams] and Claire [Williams] for this occasion.

Formula One World Championship
After he had to miss a Williams seat for this season, Kubica took the role of reserve and developers

"If the next season is back on F1 grille, it will be one of the greatest achievements of my life, and I am sure with hard work and effort that we can help the team motivate good things To thank you for all those who have helped me and believe in me, I'll finally go back to the grille behind the F1 car and I can not wait to run back. "

Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams added: "I am pleased to announce that Robert will play the role of Race Driver to partner George. All Williams have been greatly improvised at what he has, and it's a Big Credit to his strength of character and sense to go back to Formula One.

"This season's effort for the team and the work he has done behind the scenes has become undesirable, and he is a settled and respected member of the Williams team who has a level of provisions, which is remarkable to be seen; and he rescues the Williams fighting spirit.

"If Robert's consistency in this new role will be an important step for us as we look forward to returning to the front of the field, I have also been set up to have a mix of youth and experience in 2019 and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve on a track.

"I want to thank Lance too [Stroll] and Sergei for her hard work in what was a lot of things. We wish them all the best for their future career. "

Kubica made the debut of F1 in 2006 and has a total of 12 podiums – including victory in the Canadian Grand Prix 2008 – with a perfect finish of fourth in # 39; the standard.

Fans of Poland did not have to wait long for his next stone behind the bike – he's been in this week's & # 39; the race in Abu Dhabi was cycling in FP1 and did drive riders to Russell on Pirelli's reverse test in the same manner.

Formula One World Championship
The Poal gave him one and only Formula 1 victory on the Canadian Grand Prix 2008

Lawrence Barretto [Senior Writer,] since …

It was when extreme disappointment when Kubica was on a F1 race before 2018, especially if he was favorite. The Polish had made comfortable laws with his rehabilitation and left a turn of speed during the tests for both Renault and Williams.

But he did not kill him. He knelt down and turned again. Rather in the sport I tried one of those treasures to overcome the chance. Kubica wants to get back in order to know him – not everyone – whether he does not ride at the level of his first stint in F1, there is a lot he has felt he was a world-class material.

He has indirectly adjusted to a technique that can handle his left hand, to check for the restrictions on his right hand and after the injuries that have been recorded in rally crash. That he knows in knowing that such times are already remarkable. Or he can compete for the top honor, but is another matter.

The following year will now be a challenge, noticing Williams has now the worst car on the grill and a dramatic improvement in winter will be difficult to realize for the team. But in Russell, highly appreciated by Mercedes, he has a good barometer and the return to race situations will once be for everyone, whether he still needs what is needed to extend his race career in F1.

The 2019 F1 gray as it stands

  • Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas
  • Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc
  • Red Bull – Max Stacking and Pierre Gasly
  • Renault – Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg
  • Haas – Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen
  • McLaren – Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris
  • Force India – Sergio Perez and TBC
  • Toro Rosso – Daniil Kvyat and TBC
  • Clean – Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi
  • Williams – George Russell and Robert Kubica

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