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Kate Middleton's Alessandra Rich dress was also worn by Ivanka Trump, but she actually saw it for the first time

Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump are not the two names you see in the same sentence, but today they have been heading all day. Prince Charles's 70th birthday, a new set of family portraits has been released, and a few of the fans in Kate's polka dot dress show how lovable everyone is. It was a strange intersection of British monarchy and American politics, as Kate Middleton pointed out that Ivanka Trump wore the same dress she had with her father, Donald Trump. Yikes.

The dress is a navy polka dot dress designed by Alessandra Rich and is available in retail at 1,225 pounds. A white button, a crisp pointed collar, and a wide floor-length corrugated skirt, absolutely gorgeous pieces and Kate will shine. It is not surprising that she wore a dress. Like Diana and Princess, for example, Kate Middleton is known as a part of a good polka dots pattern. In fact, she actually wore a blue droplet dress at another very important event. Shortly after her birth in 2013, she introduced her son Prince George to the world on the stairs of Lindo Wing.


While Prince Lewis and Prince George seem to have a vague majority of the dress, I can not deny that the dress Ivana Trump has worn this summer. My first daughter joined Trump, a dress in Illinois and Iowa, dressed in a thick white belt. I am not the most avid fan of her politics, but will reluctantly let her know that she is a very nice dress.

Alessandra Rich is actually one of Ivanka's favorite fashion brands. She wore a green floral dress by a designer at another event in early June of this year. But to my knowledge, Kate does not own the dress. And she will probably never do this after this.

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Just as this was not a big enough coincidence, third One wore the same Navy costume as Alessandra Rich for another high profile event. Abigail Spencer, previously actress Crazy man, Was invited to Meghan Markle's wedding and actually wore polka dot sculptures.

I will take an equal position with you, and I actually think that Spencer wore a dress. Her red lips, flower hats of the same color, and the least black belt really pulled out the overall look. Given the fact that Kate attended the wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge might actually have seen the dress, and she patted herself lightly. It was nice to first see Kate at first, but from the time I realized I was in Ivanka's closet I cooled it down pretty quickly.

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Some sort of political connection is usually avoided by the royal family. that much BBC "According to the official royal website," the queen must remain strictly neutral in relation to the political issue. "Considering that the rest of the monarchy received her clues, Prince Charles gave her a memo or twelve Even if there is a tendency to send, it is dispersed in the class.

That does not mean that the royal family could not use their fashion choices subtly to suggest their allegiance. In fact, Liz proved that she was not literally a queen. She was the shadowy queen of President Donald Trump's visit to England. She wore a touching brooch of the Obama family, guardian report. Trump also began to attack Canada, a Commewellwealth nation, verbally, and the queen also showed her silence of some people's support by wearing the brooch she presented to her.

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Kate apparently stays on writing the affidavit, but did not allow her to participate in all the black dress codes of BAFTAs to celebrate the Me Too movement earlier this year, but the black waistband of her deep green dress was as close as possible.

I do not think Kevin's duchess is wearing a dress like Ivanka Trump and making a political statement. I honestly thought she and her designer were just nice dresses. And this is just all an awkward coincidence. In other words, we doubt that she will soon see the public again wear it.

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