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Jason Knauf will be the new CEO for The Royal Foundation as Meghan and Harry leave to start their own charity


The boss of & # 39; s goodwill A Royal Foundation founded by Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009 has ceased to be a shake-up of personnel in the royal family.

The foundation's CEO, Lorraine Heggessey, took over from former role secretary William and Kate Jason Knauf on October 1.

The change of boss coincides with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sharing ways with The Royal Foundation to start their own voluntary organization in what some suggest is further evidence of a floor of the rift between the Duke and Duke of Sussex and the duke and duke of Cambridge.

The Royal Foundation will become the most important prosperous car for the duke and duke of Cambridge.

Meanwhile, Sussex's duch and duchess will set up their own voluntary foundation and "further information will be announced over time."

Previous reports suggest that it is likely to be named Sussex Royal and focus on Prince Harry's formerly benevolent work.

Outgoing boss Ms Heggessey has left the Royal Foundation for the past two and a half years. Foundation chairman Sir Keith Mills praised her work, saying: "She has oversight & # 39; an expansion of "Heads Together" mental health program & # 39; s & # 39; Shout & # 39; the first digital mental health service in & # 39; UK-funded and funded, helping to support Grenfell Tower communities throughout their successful cookbook, and help expand the Coach Core Coach Core program.

"We have had an extremely positive working relationship and I am extremely grateful for their personal and professional support."

Ms Heggessey broadcasts a background and was the first woman to be the BBC One's controller from 2000-2005.

"I'm very proud of what The Royal Foundation has achieved in this exciting period of growth," she said.

"However, when it comes to the next phase, I believe it is the right time for me to retire and follow my interests in a media sector."

Newly-Designed Foundation Director Jason Knauf is currently senior adviser to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace, after he earlier led his communications team and orchestral roaming planning team for four years.

Prior to that he was director of business at the Royal Bank of Scotland and worked at HM Treasury and for the New Zealand government.

Head of communication for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is Sara Latham, who was a former senior adviser at Hillary Clinton's US presidential campaign in 2016.

Rumors of a bitter feast between the Dukes and in particular the dukes of Cambridge and Sussex have been swirling for months. Kate, Meghan and Pippa Middleton present a united front at their final weekend at the women's singles final concerts at Wimbledon

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl said in time to Time that she thinks the journal is unfounded and that Harry and Meghan's deviations with The Royal Foundation is a natural progression.

"I think this is all about her to follow various paths," said Nicholl, author of Harry and Meghan: Life, loss and love. "Although they may be sentimental about the whole thing, they must also be pragmatic, and this makes sense."

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