Thursday , April 22 2021

Inside Ajay Rochester's feud with Michelle Bridges

Despite providing the season's most memorable moments so far, Ajay Rochester was the surprise first elimination on a Celeb last night, saying goodbye to campmates after just 10 days in the jungle.

Speaking to today, the forms Biggest Loser host suggested viewer complacency could be to blame for this early exit.

"I went on Facebook and saw so many messages like," I didn't vote, I'm so sorry, I thought you'd be OK! I should have voted! "If there was a poster child for" please vote for people you think are OK, "I guess it," she said.

And unlikely defeat, complacent voters – is she the Hillary Clinton of the jungle?

“I am Hillary! You've got it all into perspective. I got voted out first week, but Hillary Clinton is not the first female president. What a reality check. ”

Surprisingly, the LA-based Aussie confessed she's never been approached to appear in any of I'm a CelebS previous four Aussie seasons.

But in trademark Ajay Rochester fashion, she's taken matters into her own hands.

"I am a longtime superfan, and there were a couple of times I wrote to the UK version saying 'Hey, I'm like a celebrity in Australia!' They sent me this very polite email saying 'Thank you so much for your submission , but right now it's currently cast for the next 10 years, ”she said with a laugh.

She even went on a "Facebook tirade" last season about not being asked – but it deleted a case it hurt her chances or appearing on the show this year.

Always outspoken, Rochester hasn't been away from criticizing The Biggest Loser About the years – in particular, the show 's celebrity personal trainer, Michelle Bridges.
She was convinced that would run the long-running feud during her time on I'm a Celeb.

“Oh my god, I was literally waiting for her to come in,” Rochester told "When we had that challenge where there were holes in the box and there was a half-naked butt on top of it, I was like:" That's my butt. It's from my Instagram post after she said she never met a fat happy person! It's here! She's in the box! "

“If you watch, you see that I was trembling. I was literally waiting to jump out of the box and go "Ha ha ha ha! The Wicked Witch of the West is here! "

In 2016 Bridges told the ABC: "Honestly you are happy where you are, genuinely, more power to you. But I can tell you now, I am yet to have someone who is morbidly obese and happy. "

Rochester said here beef with Michelle Bridges followed these comments. She told "you can't train fat people" if you don't respect fat people.

One passing comment in an early episode of the season turned into a story that is rather surprised by Rochester now she's in touch with the outside world.

She mentioned to her campmates that she had six in nine years – a revelation she (perhaps naively) would not make it to air, given I'm a Celeb'S family-friendly timeslot.

“It's true, it's so true,” she moaned at the near-decade-long drought.

“But there's a very good reason for it. The real answer is my kid (19-year-old son Kai) has Asperger's, and that's a full-time job. If you choose to have a relationship in that time, you take (time) away from them. I made a conscious decision. I was asked on dates… it's not like it. People like big-bodied women, people! "

There was no opportunity for love in the jungle – though she confesses to a fully-fledged womance with politician Jacquie Lambie, who she credits as one of the few genuinely "real" people on the show.

Speaking of "real": Australia's own Zoolander, Justin Lacko. Discuss.

"Look, Justin wants to be the next Bachelor. He's an enigma, and all of us go through phases where you can stand him because he can talk about himself. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and he has a beautiful face.

“He's literally the most shallow person in the world, and yet, in that shallow pool, there's a little pocket of depth,” she laughs.

"I love him, and I hate that I love him."

I'm A Celeb Airs 7:30 pm Sundays – Thursdays on Ten.

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