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Small caps and large caps are popular among investors, but mid caps such as Littelfuse Inc (NASDAQ: LFUS), which has a market capitalization of $ 460 million, are not easy to attract attention in the investment community.
Surprisingly, given the risks, medium-sized stocks made better returns than two other stocks.
Today, we will look at LFUS's financial liquidity and debt levels, a strong indicator of whether it can weather the recession or invest in strategic acquisitions for future growth.
This information is entirely focused on financial soundness and is at the highest level of understanding, so please take a closer look
Here on LFUS.

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How much cash does LFUS generate through operations?

LFUS raised its total debt level from US $ 502m to US $ 7100m over the past 12 months.
Current and long-term liabilities.
Through this
LFUS's cash and short-term investments were $ 488 million
Invest in your business.
It is in LFUS.
Operating cash flow of $ 340 million
During the last 12 months,
Operating cash to total debt ratio 49%
Debt is appropriately compensated by operating cash.
This ratio may be a signal of operational efficiency.
As an alternative to asset return
For LFUS, you can generate 0.49 times cash from your debt capital.

Can LFUS pay short-term debt?

Debt At current debt levels of $ 340 million,
That company
We were able to fulfill this obligation given the current assets of $ 110 million, now at 3.46 times the level of assets.
That said,
Some investors may consider the amount over three times excessive. They can claim that LFUS leaves too much capital for low-income investments.

NasdaqGS: LFUS Historical Debt November 14 18
NasdaqGS: LFUS Historical Debt November 14 18

Can LFUS process debts smoothly?

LFUS is a relatively superior company with a debt ratio of 46%.
Given that liabilities tend to be more accessible from time to time at lower costs, this is not uncommon for medium-sized businesses.
You can see if LFUS can see the net interest coverage rate and fulfill your obligations. A company that generates more than three times the net interest payment before interest and taxes (EBIT) is considered financially sound. In the case of LFUS,
13.81x means that interest is comfortably covered,
Debtors can lend more money to the company and LFUS can provide enough headroom to increase debt facilities.

next stage:

LFUS's high cash compensation means that you can use your debt efficiently to generate cash flow, although you have a high debt level.
This is the optimal capital structure, given that it also meets short-term commitments.
This is only a rough estimate of financial soundness, and I am confident that LFUS will have company-specific issues that affect capital structure decisions.
You have to.
Continuing to study Littelfuse
Holistic perspective
Looking mid-cap

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