Thursday , January 20 2022

How can a pharmacist help with diabetes patients' needles?


Pharmacists are being asked to block the gap in diabetes care after an online survey found that almost half of insulin users did not use the right needle size or rotate the injection site.

Anxiously, online surveys of 386 people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have never used accurate needle techniques. On the other hand, three out of ten doctors did not examine the injection site.

Among those who have been using insulin for more than five years, research by medical technology company Bicton Medical has shown that more than two-thirds of people in the past 18 months have not reviewed injection technology.

result :

  • Use less than half of the participants (most with a pencil) with the recommended 4mm and 5mm needles.
  • 49% reuse pen needles.
  • 58% will not leave the pen needle for the correct time.

Pharmacists and Credit Certificates Kirrily Chambers, a diabetes educator, feared that many respondents are not regularly reviewed by healthcare professionals, but pharmacists can change them.

"There's a good chance I can start a conversation about pen needles because the pharmacist sits in the driver's seat because it's more likely to meet diabetics on a regular basis to collect drugs."

105 participants under the age of 50 were darker in the picture and 6 out of 10 could not change the injection site.

79% of people who make changes to the site are not making the right changes to the site.

Although 20% of diabetics report that diabetes has an extreme impact on their lives, 18% admit that diabetes is not always true to health practitioners. One in five medical institutions addressed them.

Chambers said the pharmacy could be seen as a neutral place where people did not judge their ability to manage diabetes.

"We will not focus on HbA1c levels, but will allow people to have a broad dialogue on how to manage diabetes and get the help they need to adjust to diabetes."

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